Jury members should not listen to anyone when deciding the future of an accused shooter, a Wisconsin judge said on Nov. 16.

Judge Bruce Schroeder ordered every juror to ignore Donald Trump and his successor while delivering their verdict at the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

“You will pay no heed to the opinions of anyone–even the president of the United States, or the president before him,” he said according to the Daily Wire.

Schroeder also told the Kenosha County Circuit Court jury to ignore what they saw on television and read in newspapers.

“You will disregard the claims or opinions of any person, news media, or social networking site,” he said according to the publication.

The remarks came after mainstream media was criticized for ignoring Gaige Grosskreutz’s admission in court that he advanced on the accused with a loaded weapon in August 2020.

Rittenhouse, 17, claims he opened fire on Grosskreutz because he feared for his life. He only acted in self-defense.

However, the judge stresses no juror should be “swayed by sympathy, passion, prejudice, or political beliefs.”

“You will disregard any impressions that you may have, which you may believe are my opinion on the guilt or innocence of the defendant,” he said.

Schroeder has already dropped one charge of a minor possessing a deadly weapon.

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