In an agreement with prosecutors who argued that sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein posed a flight risk, a New York federal judge on Thursday has denied bail to Epstein.

Epstein’s attorneys argued that the wealthy financier was a “disciplined” defendant willing to pay a bond of 77 million dollar bail package, with Epstein’s private jet and Manhattan mansion as collateral. 

However, the proposal received objections from federal prosecutors, who said the court “cannot rely on the self-discipline of a man with an appetite for children.”

U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman made the decision just minutes after the pretrial proceedings saying: “The government application for continued remand is hereby granted.”

“I doubt any bail package can overcome” any danger to the community, he said.

In navy blue scrubs and brown T-shirt, Epstein appeared to have no visible reaction when Berman ordered him held. He was led off by marshals without speaking to his attorneys, according to ABC News. 

Wild, who said she was 14 when she was brought to Epstein’s Palm Beach, Florida, estate, called him “scary.” Farmer said she was 16 when she was trafficked in New Mexico.

66-year-old Epstein was arrested July 6th at a New Jersey airport on arrival from Paris and charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy. 

He has pleaded not guilty on allegations that he sexually abused dozens of underage girls at his homes in New York and Florida from 2002 to 2005. He faces up to 45 years in prison if convicted.

The judge also noted what was found in a locked safe inside Epstein’s Upper East Side Manhattan mansion: $70,000 in cash, an assortment of diamonds, and an expired Austrian passport with Epstein’s photo but not his name.

Prosecutors had said Wednesday the travel document found inside Epstein’s Upper East Side Manhattan mansion showed that in the 1980s, he used the foreign passport with a fake name to enter several countries including Spain, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia; along with $70,000 in cash and 48 loose diamonds.

Epstein’s lawyers said he obtained the Austrian passport in 1982 for “personal protection” to be presented to “potential kidnappers, hijackers, or terrorists.” The lawyers said Epstein’s Jewish faith and substantial wealth made him a target while traveling in the Middle East, NBC reported. 

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