The American people elected Donald Trump as their president, and he is not one of the Establishment. So, Democrats have different guidelines for him, and making up the rules as they go along is something they like to do.

The highly acclaimed district attorney, judge, author, and heroine of the underdog, Jeanine Pirro is a straight shooter and was very outspoken this week on the Democrat’s impeachment inquiry of the president. 

“We know [the whistleblower] is connected to [John] Brennan and the liar Susan Rice and the whole lot of them. [He’s an] Obama holdover, worked with [Vice President Joe] Biden,” the host of “Justice With Judge Jeanine” said on “Fox & Friends.”

“The bottom line is you’ve got somebody connected to the CIA who is in there, intentionally put in there. He’s an Obama holdover, and his job is to create some complaint so that they can start an impeachment inquiry,” Pirro said.

Jeanine Pirro and rudy Guiliani (Photos: AP)

Pirro said history points out that the impeachment proceedings being witnessed against President Trump in no way resemble those of past impeachments.

“In terms of whistleblowers they [the Democrats] just changed the law, so this whistleblower could report on hearsay, They just changed that within the last year. This is all part of a playbook,” claimed Pirro.

“This is Russian collusion all over again.”

“It’s a joke,” she added.

“It is so clear what’s happening here,” said host Pirro in her opening statement on Fox News, “Justice with Judge Jeannie.” “A vote to simply formalize the procedure is by far the least partisan vote. It’s benign.” The evidence just wasn’t there for an impeachable offense against the president said Pirro.

Pirro called the Democrats out, describing those involved in this farce as “dishonest, disingenuous and deceitful.”

“She lied. The woman is more than willing to impeach in a partisan way.” Piro said of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The Democrats are tearing this country apart. They are wusses, wimps, and weasels. They don’t have the chutzpah to face Donald Trump in November; I don’t blame them. Because he’ll blow those wusses, wimps, and weasels right out of the swampy water they call home. #OpeningStatement

Pirro said the call President Trump held with the Ukrainian president on July 25, was not a “high crime or a misdemeanor,” and after the Mueller probe was unsuccessful in impeaching the president, “now, it’s Ukraine.” The judge’s prediction as to the outcome of the impeachment inquiry against President Trump: “Prediction?” said Pirro, “Complete and total failure ultimately in the Senate.”