For years, Journalist Andy Ngo has been documenting the anarcho-communist group Antifa, attending hundreds of marches at great physical risk, has revealed why he had to flee the United States earlier this year.

Ngo was born and raised as a Vietnamese American. His parents escaped communism in Vietnam and arrived as refugees in the United States after being incarcerated in re-education camps in 1979. 

Curiously, now his son has had to take refuge abroad because he is being persecuted by a violent communist group that enjoys the collaboration of important sectors of American society, among them the hegemonic media and many well-known and influential Democratic politicians, including President Joe Biden, who has minimized the violent actions of the group.

In an interview with Fox News, the exiled journalist assured that he left the country to protect his integrity amid threats of violence against him and his family members.

“It was simply no longer safe for me. I was already on borrowed time,” he said, adding that there was an “escalation of security concerns” that led him to make the difficult decision.

Andy Ngo decided to start covering the Antifa protests when the far-left group came out to demonstrate their frustration with Trump’s 2016 Democratic victory by using violence and destruction as a show of their disapproval.

At the time, he was struck by the shift in public attitudes toward violent left-wing politics and the hollowing out and weakening of law enforcement institutions.

“These extremist, radical, unfounded ideas were given space to spread in our newspapers and in our homes through broadcast tv, radio, and of course online news sites,” Ngo told Fox News. “That helped to really radicalize the left, in my opinion.”

In that context, Ngo lamented that his role as a journalist was not recognized by many colleagues and authorities who should have defended his work and safeguarded his safety by promoting the development of truthful information.

“After every riot that was happening in Portland and Seattle, the local press coverage was not the honest picture of who these masked militants really were,” he said, adding, “The way they were portrayed, they were praised and portrayed essentially as heroes protecting their communities because the police don’t protect people, because the police are racist, transphobic and homophobic.”

Eventually, Antifa protesters recognized Ngo, and he had to stop attending demonstrations himself. In 2019, Ngo was attacked by a group of Antifa supporters and was hospitalized as a result. Unfortunately, several liberal media outlets accused him of faking his injuries even during his hospital stay.

Earlier this year, after announcing the publication of his book “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy,” the bookstore that agreed to display his book was the target of harassment by some Antifa members who forced the owners to remove the books from their shelves.

On January 24, in an interview with Sky News Australia, Ngo revealed that his life had become a nightmare in his own hometown.

“For several months now there have been increasing threats of violence against me, promises from Antifa extremists to kill me,” Ngo explained as images with “kill Andy Ngo” messages painted on the walls flashed on the background screen.

Now the journalist lives in London and regrets from there the number of politicians and journalists who, far from condemning the actions of violent leftist groups like Antifa, act as accomplices endorsing their criminal activities.

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