The renowned Christian and conservative actor Jon Voight, issued from his official Twitter account a harsh message against the so-called “free thinkers” and leftist theorists, blaming them for the growing anti-Semitic wave that currently tarnishes the United States.

After a new conflict broke out between the State of Israel and pro-Palestinian terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip during the last month, a new anti-Semitic wave began, led by groups of young leftists throughout the country who, using an “anti-imperialist” discourse, are violently attacking religious Jews, including attacks against temples and schools.

In this context Voight filmed himself speaking directly to the camera in a video shared on his Twitter account as he has done in the past. 

In it, the actor strongly condemns all types of anti-Semitism and blames “liberal non-thinkers” for manifesting anti-Israel sentiments online and “on our own streets of Beverly Hills,” promoting more people to join in the unwarranted hatred.

Referring to recent attacks on Jews in several major U.S. cities, the Hollywood star expressed his displeasure, “I’m sick and tired of you followers—you liberal non-thinkers—who only follow and bash and don’t see what the truths are.”  

He went on to say, “How do I approach this matter? How can we see the truth? What’s wrong with everyone? Can’t you see this horror, the horror, attacking Jews. The Jews have been attacked for centuries, Hitler took down millions of innocent Jews and babies and put them in gas chambers. What is wrong with you all? How dare you attack the righteous souls of God’s highest truths, in our own streets of Beverly Hills.” 

The actor went on to praise the Jewish people in Israel, condemning any opponents as a “disgrace to this planet Earth.” 

“What are you? You liberal fools. That’s right, fools. What have you been taught to do? Ruin lives, steal, distort the idea of freedom? Freedom was the American dream. The Jewish man was taught to love, honor and respect the morals of the Ten Commandments. What are you liberals teaching? Taking down Israel? You claim to be good, you’re a disgrace to this planet Earth.” Voight said.

The actor’s comments are not in vain, as since two weeks ago in the United States Jews in America are really suffering a wave of attacks of all kinds.

The Anti-Defamation League recently released an analysis in which they report disturbing anti-Semitism on multiple platforms, from Facebook and Twitter to TikTok and Instagram, with messages that include explicit praise for Hitler, promoting troops over Jewish control and demonizing all Jews

In the days following the recent outbreak of violence, more than 17,000 tweets were posted using some variation of the phrase “Hitler was right,” the analysis claims. 

In parallel, popular American leftist groups such as Black Lives Matter, expressed their ‘solidarity with the Palestinians, defining their blunt stance against the Jewish people in a message via Twitter:

“Black Lives Matter stands in solidarity with Palestinians. We are a movement committed to ending settler colonialism in all its forms and will continue to advocate for the liberation of Palestine. (Always was and always will be).”

Thus it is once again evident how fallacious the leftist discourse against discrimination and equality is. It is evident how they manipulate society, using speeches that sound pleasant to the ears as long as they serve their globalist agenda. But when their words turn against allies or particular interests, morality is set aside as with racism against Jews. 

Voight concluded the emotional video with a message of just retribution against anti-Semitic people.

“We and God will take down anyone who will destroy any innocent soul. The power of God. You anti-Semitic fools will pay the price when God intervenes because no man will destroy God’s land, Israel, the holy land of miracles and prayer. God Bless.” 

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