Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s foundation launched a pro-LGBTQ campaign that promoted various stories of gender “transition,” including that of an 18-month-old boy who his parents said was “unhappy” with his “sexual identity.”

The National Pulse site, which is run by British politician and journalist Raheem Kassam, collected some shocking and controversial stories from the “As You Are” campaign, which was led by the Democratic leader in 2018 and focused on tracking down “acceptance stories” of LGBTQs in the United States.

Of the more than 500 cases reported, many were under 18, and one story even mentions a 1.5-year-old boy as “not gender conforming.”

Controversy with minors

One of the most controversial cases, promoted by the Biden Foundation and cited by The National Pulse, is that of a mother who presented her six-year-old son, noting that he has declared himself a “girl” and that—according to the parent—the child “was not in conformity with the gender” since he was 18 months old.

“My youngest child is six and has been gender non-conforming since being able to articulate at 18 months old. [My child] was born biologically male and initially indicated that he was “a boy who liked all girl things.”

This past year, [she] has socially transitioned and now prefers the pronouns she/her and will be starting first grade soon as her authentic self,” said the mother.

Another story cited by the current Democratic presidential candidate’s foundation is that of a father talking about his seven-year-old “gender non-conforming boy” who, he says, loved watching Drags’ career programs.

“My youngest child is a fabulous gender non-conforming boy who loves ballet and the RuPaul Drag Race show. … At age 7 he is a powerful advocate for himself and other children just like him,” said the father.

RuPaul’s Drag Race is an American reality and competition show that features the transgender RuPaul searching for the “next drag superstar.”

In the same vein, the Biden Foundation featured another person who declared herself the “a parent of a 9-year-old transgender son,” and recounted her regret that she did not let her son make the “transition” earlier.

A teenager also presented his story of gender transition to the foundation “at the end of [their] 8th-grade year.”

The Biden Foundation went one step further and produced and posted a video on its social networks that show, in a positive way, the story of a boy who changed his gender.


In light of the presidential campaign, the foundation did not publish any more stories, “but its pro-transgender messages for children remain harmful,” says journalist Natalie Winters, a reporter for The National Pulse.

“The Biden foundation perpetuates radical, far-left narratives about gender, it also okays subjecting children to permanently life-altering surgeries which many ultimately come to regret,” Winters notes.

In this sense, several proposals have emerged around the United States to counter this trend.

Last year, Georgia Republican legislator Ginny Ehrhart introduced a bill to outlaw surgeries on transgender children.

“This form of child abuse is becoming a serious problem in Georgia and is evolving into a national crisis,” Ehrhart said.

“We are talking about children who have not reached the legal age of consent yet are being subjected to life-altering, irreversible surgeries and drug treatments that render them sterile and permanently disfigured,” she warned.

In this framework, she assured that “The psychological damage this does to innocent children must come to an end. This legislation makes such abusive actions criminal.”

Similar legislation has been introduced in other states of the United States.