Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is feeling the heat, as more Americans learn about Biden Inc., which involved the Biden family selling access to Joe Biden while he was vice president, with his son Hunter trading with many foreign entities.

It’s no wonder Biden Sr. had to take five out of six days off before the recent presidential debate, and now he has taken another day off.

“Joe Biden’s campaign has called a lid at 11:27 am, just nine days before the election,” Bloomberg reporter Tyler Pager wrote on Twitter. A “lid” refers to a stop of public events that journalists can cover. In the last week,” Pager continued, “he has only held three campaign events outside of participating in the debate. He was in Durham, North Carolina last Sunday and made two stops in [Pennsylvania] yesterday.”

Biden shouted his way through his campaign stop in Pennysylvania on Sunday, he seemed quite angry and told people if they live in the area and don’t’ support him, “you’re a chump,” just like a while ago he told listeners on Charlamagne tha God’s radio program, ‘If you’re black and you don’t support me then you ain’t black.”

Adding to his woes, U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) tore strips off Biden, after he claimed he is innocent and did nothing unethical in relation to the Ukrainian gas holdings Burisma, where Hunter became a board member with a very lucrative salary, having no experience whatsoever in gas. His only asset was his vice president father.

Stefanik became a GOP star with her participation in the sham impeachment trial of President Trump, and she sees Biden as a bare-faced liar, reported BizPacReview.

“Well, my response is Joe Biden is lying to the American people. I was the member of Congress that asked every single witness in the impeachment hearings whether there was a conflict of interest or at least an appearance of a conflict of interest because of Hunter Biden serving on the board of Burisma. And every single witness said yes, there was a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest.”

Stefanik told “Fox & Friends” that even the Obama administration recognized a conflict of interest existed when preparing former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch for her Senate confirmation hearings.

“This is a Joe Biden running from his record and trying to wipe away this very clear conflict of interest,” Stefanik said, and added the corruption runs much deeper than just Burisma, and Big Tech are doing all they can to avoid the public knowing the truth.

Stefanik went on to say that the alleged Biden corruption goes beyond Ukraine, which the social media platforms and corporate media outlets don’t want the U.S. electorate to learn about. “This is not just a Hunter Biden scandal. This is a Joe Biden scandal, and it’s not just Burisma.

“It’s also now Chinese communist government and the Chinese Communist Party. The American people deserve answers, and no amount of censorship from Big Tech should take away from the fact that Joe Biden needs to answer these questions for the American people,” she concluded.

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