Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign, has called a “lid”—halting Biden’s in-person performances and suspending his tours. With only nine days remaining in the presidential race, his campaign has not scheduled any activities, according to Breitbart, on Oct. 25. 

This position has characterized Biden’s performance throughout the campaign and is rejected by some media and by the supporters of President Donald Trump. 

“Mr. Biden called a lid before noon on Sunday with nine days to go to the election. And the sarcasm brigade is nowhere to be found,” tweeted reporter Joe Concha. 

Author Benjamin Weingarten, @bhweingarten, responded by saying, “In less than two weeks, the American people can put a lid on ultimate swamp creature Joe Biden’s career.

Another Internet user highlights the fact that President Trump is successfully advancing through key states to obtain re-election.

“It’s eight days before the election, and Trump is hitting key battleground states this morning. Joe Biden is nowhere to be found,” tweeted Mark Lutchman, @marklutchman. 

Biden’s campaign has not explained why no more events have been scheduled, and it is not known if an event planned for Tuesday in Georgia has been canceled. 

Biden also took several days off last month. His absence from campaigning was commented on by Trump, who interpreted them as a sign of weakness. 

“Sleepy Joe Biden just closed his campaign for the day (Again). Wants to rest! He is a very LOW ENERGY INDIVIDUAL, and our country cannot make it in these exciting but complex and competitive times with a Low Energy President !!! Trump emphasized on Twitter Sept. 24.

What remains constant is Biden’s incessant mistakes before the public, rekindling concerns about his apparent mental deterioration.

In this regard, it may be worth remembering what is often said about Obama’s comments on Biden: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to screw things up,” Politico quotes

One of the most recent mistakes he made was yesterday, Oct. 25, when he said his opponent’s name was “George” and not Trump. After repeating it a couple of times, his wife Jill came to the rescue by reminding him that his opponent’s name was Trump. 

For her part, Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, Republican of Maryland, stressed the importance of Biden being tested for mental fitness. 

“Mr. Biden should take cognitive tests and publish the results,” tweeted Hayworth.

“Forgetting the name of the current president, against whom he’s running—note well that he also cannot render the surname “Bush,” which was presumably sticking in his circuitry—is impossible without impairment.

Parodying Biden’s confusion, Trump’s campaign created an advertising message in which he ends up saying, “I’m Donald Trump, and I approve of this message.

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