Presenter Chris Wallace, who was heavily criticized for his effort moderating the first debate between President Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden, was surprised that Biden has not come out to motivate his supporters just two weeks before the end of the election campaign.

“I’ve never seen that before and certainly not in the two weeks leading up to the election,” Wallace said to Fox News on Oct. 21.

Some justify Biden’s reticence, assuming that he is preparing for the final debate, which will take place tonight, Oct. 22.

Meanwhile, President Trump has not stopped his rallying in several parts of the country, encouraging his voters. Yesterday he showed up in North Carolina. 

Trump addressed some 15,000 people who crowded into Gastonia’s municipal airport. The roads around the airport were jammed hours before his arrival, reported local newspaper The Charlotte Observer. 

“I am so proud of Donald Trump. This is not politics—what we saw last night in North Carolina is pure love. Let us never forget that we live in the greatest country on earth! Let’s keep America Big,” tweeted Eric Trump, the President’s son.  

For some, the big test for Biden in tonight’s debate will be to speak for two minutes straight. Biden’s frequent mistakes and errors have dismayed many, and for others, they are evidence of his mental decline.

These signs of mental decline in Biden have people wondering how he could assume President of the United States’ demanding role. 

A Twitter user attaches a compilation from the Daily Wire, showing some occasions when Biden loses control of his words. 

“This is either incredibly funny or deeply depressing. Either way, great work by the Daily Wire,” tweeted author Dave Rubin. 

In response to this tweet from Rubin, one of the participants in the thread seems alarmed.

“And this could be the president of the USA, God help us all, he won’t remember pressing the button on the nuclear bomb, “oh it wasn’t me, I didn’t do it, oh wait, I could have done it, oh this is hard if it was me, I can’t remember, what’s my name,” answered @CandyGirls01.

Also, from Twitter, MissKitTKat responded: “With his unpleasant past, it is almost impossible to feel sorry for him, but it is a clear case of elder abuse by his family and the Democratic Party,” tweeted @MissKitTKat1.

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