Does America want a president who is owned by the CCP? Joe Biden is allegedly, completely entangled with the CCP. His entire family may have been compromised, the CCP has a file on Biden, and evidence against the Biden crime family is apparently mounting.

The unraveling story on Joe Biden and his son Hunter is becoming more disturbing, after the New York Post obtained a copy of a hard drive from Hunter Biden’s computer, and began publishing the information on Oct. 14.

Following that story, Breitbart disclosed new information received from a former business associate of Hunter Biden, regarding meetings in the White House with CCP officials.

The emails give details about how the vice president’s son and his business associates used their access to the Obama-Biden administration to organize private meetings for foreign clients and investors at the highest level in the White House, reports Breitbart in an exclusive. Private, off-the-books meetings were held between CCP officials and Vice President Joe Biden.

“Couldn’t confirm this with Hunter online but we got him his meeting at the WH Monday for the Chinese folks,” Devon Archer, one of Hunter’s partners said in a November 2011 email to associates.

Breitbart reported that in a 2011 email, Hunter Biden’s business associates also discussed developing relations with what one called “China Inc.” as part of a “new push on soft diplomacy for the Chinese.” These emails are completely unconnected to the Hunter Biden emails being released by the New York Post.

Bevan Cooney, a former business associate of Hunter Biden who was also on the board at Burisma, and is currently in jail for a fraudulent bond investment scheme in 2016, provided the emails to Breitbart. Cooney has disclosed that on Nov. 5, 2011, a business contact of Devon Archer forwarded him an email of a door opening for the opportunity to gain “potentially outstanding new clients” by helping organize White House meetings for a group of Chinese executives and government officials.

This group was the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) that was established in 2006. It was conceived by a group of businessmen and Chinese government officials. Counted among the delegation were Chinese billionaires, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) loyalists, and at least one “respected diplomat” from Beijing.

The leadership of CEC counts among its members a number of senior members of the Chinese Communist Party, which includes Wang Zhongyu (“vice-chairman of the 10th CPPCC National Committee and deputy secretary of the Party group”), Ma Weihua (director of multiple Chinese Communist Party offices), and Jiang Xipei (a member of the Chinese Communist Party and representative of the 16th National Congress), among many others.

“I know it is a political season and people are hesitant but a group like this does not come along every day,” wrote Mohamed A Khashoggi, intermediary writing on behalf of the CEC to an associate of Hunter Biden and Archer.
“A tour of the white house [sic] and a meeting with a member of the chief of staff’s office and John Kerry would be great,” Khashoggi said, then including an obvious red flag: In other words, Khashoggi was referring to being a “registered lobbyist under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA.)”

Khashoggi intimated that the visit would be “a soft diplomacy play that could be very effective” while giving Hunter Biden and his business partners “good access to [the Chinese] for any deal in the future.” The gross income of the CEC members was estimated at “more than RM 1.5 trillion (yuan), together accounting for roughly 4% of China’s GDP.”

CEC’s current membership includes 50 pre-eminent figures such as Liu Chuanzhi, chairman of the CEC, Legend Holdings and Lenovo Group; Wu Jinglian, Zhang Weiying, and Zhou Qieren, China’s esteemed economists; Wu Jianmin, respected diplomat; Long Yongtu, representative of China’s globalization; Wang Shi (Vanke); Ma Weihua (China Merchants Bank); Jack Ma (Alibaba Group); Guo Guangchang (Fosun Group); Wang Jianlin, (Wanda Group); Niu Gensheng (LAONIU Foundation); Lli Shufu (Geely); Li Dongsheng (TCL Corporation); Feng Lun (Vantone), and more.

In late July, Axios reported that FBI Director Christopher Wray and other intel officials sent out a warning about the increased capability of China to interfere in the U.S. elections during hearings with the Senate Intelligence Committee.

A spokesman for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), acting chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, told Axios that Rubio is “increasingly concerned about how China is expanding its influence and interference efforts in America. They have a proven capability to carry out cyberattacks and spread disinformation and the clear intent to influence our government policies and pressure policymakers, including members of Congress.” They have resources far greater than Russia, he added.

FBI Director Christopher Wray discussed the threat China poses to U.S. economic and national security during a July 7, 2020, video event at the Hudson Institute in Washington.

“China is engaged in a highly sophisticated malign foreign influence campaign, and its methods include bribery, blackmail, and covert deals. Chinese diplomats also use both open, naked economic pressure and seemingly independent middlemen to push China’s preferences on American officials,” said Wray.

“It’s the people of the United States who are the victims of what amounts to Chinese theft on a scale so massive that it represents one of the largest transfers of wealth in human history. If you are an American adult, it is more likely than not that China has stolen your personal data.”
He continued, “In 2017, the Chinese military conspired to hack Equifax and made off with the sensitive personal information of 150 million Americans—we’re talking nearly half of the American population and most American adults,” said Wray, adding that was not a stand-alone incident.

The recent scandal involving the Biden’s that the New York Post has exposed relates to emails found on a laptop that purportedly belonged to Hunter Biden prove that “for 30 years, the Biden family has been selling Joe’s office to the highest bidder,” former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani told “The Story” Thursday, Oct. 15. The hard drive is legitimate says, Giuliani.

Some of the emails from Hunter Biden’s hard drive revealed that Joe Biden lied about Burisma. This is only the tip of the iceberg, with much more coming to light, says Giuliani.
1 YEAR AGO TODAY: Joe Biden repeated the lie that he’s “never discussed” Ukraine with Hunter Biden. 

Numerous emails, texts, videos, and photos involving Hunter, drugs, and sex have been revealed on the hard drive, that was sent to the New York Post by Giuliani, and published in a bombshell story last week.

L: Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor and personal attorney to President Donald Trump at the White House, on Sept. 27, 2020, in Washington. (Ken Cedeno/Reuters) R: Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden. (Screenshot/ABCNews/YouTube)


Social media giants have clamped down on the story, deleting an account that attempts to share the information, Twitter has locked out the New York Post, along with many other high profile people, including White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany for sharing the post.

In a Friday afternoon email, a Twitter representative told the Post, “While we’ve updated the policy, we don’t change enforcement retroactively. You will still need to delete the Tweets to regain access to your account.”

Hunter Biden is a crack addict who found it hard to hold down a regular job and has spent his life in and out of rehab. He was of no use for rich businessmen, except for one important factor—his father was the vice president of the United States.

“This Biden family was engaged in the business of crime,” said Giuliani, and Joe Biden was the commodity they had available to sell. Hunter’s uncle and Joe Biden’s younger brother had been doing this for the past 20 years, added Giuliani, who in his time has effectively brought down U.S. mafia drug dealers and many criminals.

When Biden Sr. became vice president under the Obama administration, he began making big money. Biden’s son Hunter, a drug addict with many years of failed rehabilitation was exposed to many top international criminals by his father, and even though he would have a hard time getting a job as a cleaner due to his drug history, he managed to fall into a position on the board of the corrupt natural gas company in Ukraine, Burisma. That position was netting him around $80,000 every month. Furthermore, he had absolutely no experience in natural gas.

As has been revealed on the computer left at a repair shop and never claimed, one text from a Burisma top executive says, “Were going to need you and Devon to use your ‘influence,’” Giuliani said the ‘influence’ refers to Joe. “Hunter Biden’s influence is Joe Biden,” he said.

Several texts prove that Hunter set up a meeting together with Burisma and his father Joe Biden.

Giuliani said the discovery of the texts is a “major major development” as Joe Biden has denied for years that he ever met with, knew about, or talked about, Burisma, even up until today. He was lying, as he knew about it from the very beginning.

At the beginning of February 2016, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shogun had investigated and seized Burisma for corruption, and by March he was fired. Joe Biden even bragged on video how he had gotten him fired by threatening to withhold funding to Ukraine.

When Biden took Hunter over to China on Airforce 2, after returning Hunter received a letter eight days later from the Bank of China pledging $1 billion to his completely crooked private equity fund, made up of Hunter, Devon Archer, who has since been convicted of fraud, and Whitey Bulger’s nephew. What is astounding is that nobody in the Obama administration took any notice, “Nobody, but no one raised the issue of ‘this imperils our national security, the VP is compromised like this,’ said Giuliani.

Joe failed miserably on all negotiations with China as vice president, yet he made statements such as ‘China is no threat,’ or ‘China are good folks,’ or ‘China is not a competitor,’ said Giuliani, who added Joe is the only man in the world who would say something like this.

Blackmail, blood money, and bribes are all part of the CCP operations.

Has Joe Biden been compromised and has national security been put at risk?

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