Former Archbishop Charles Chaput, was completely critical of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden regarding the inconsistency between his ideals and speeches and the alleged Catholic faith he claims to have. He criticized Biden’s action to such an extent that he expressly asked church authorities, in respect for the institution and God’s own laws, not to grant Holy Communion to the Democratic candidate.

Certain issues promoted by former Vice President Joe Biden, such as his support for the leftist movements and mainly his decisive support for the legalization of abortion and same-sex marriage cast doubt on his supposed Catholic faith.

According to church teaching, government officials who commit a public sin like Biden’s support for abortion should be denied access to the sacrament of Holy Communion until they repent. This, at least, is what the precepts of the Catholic Church require.

As it is known, not all sectors of the church are willing to confront those who attack their own precepts, but this would not be the case for Chaput, who in a harsh essay pointed out Biden for his anti-Catholic positions.

“Public figures who identify as ‘Catholic’ give scandal to the faithful when receiving Communion by creating the impression that the moral laws of the Church are optional,” Chaput wrote.

He added, “And bishops give similar scandal by not speaking up publicly about the issue and danger of sacrilege.”

One of the issues that resonates most strongly with believers is Biden’s position on abortion. Just under a month ago, he participated in an event with NBC where he answered questions from the public, one of which concerned the issue of abortion in the United States, to which Biden responded with determination, assuring that if the Supreme Court attempts to overturn the legislation authorizing abortion, he will fight to make abortion “the law of the land,” reported the Daily Caller.

President Trump used Biden’s comments to criticize him for his stance on abortion.

In mid-September, Catholic Vote launched a digital ad campaign to expose Biden’s anti-Catholic history.

Brian Burch, president of Catholic Vote said, “Joe Biden’s record makes it clear that he will not protect our Catholic values or defend our way of life. For Catholics who treasure their faith and their freedom to live it, Biden’s presidency represents an existential threat.”

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganó, in a new letter released recently, spoke of clear electoral fraud in the U.S. presidential election and the connections of Democratic candidate Joe Biden to the deep state.

In his letter, Viganò also pointed to the U.S. Catholic Bishops who supported candidate Biden in his bid for the presidency, “apparently forgetting the not inconsiderable detail that Biden is avidly pro-abortion, a supporter of LGBT ideology and anti-Catholic globalism. All ideals that oppose the most basic precepts of Christianity.”

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