Former Vice President Joe Biden and the Democratic National Convention received negative reactions from live audiences on their YouTube pages during the night Biden delivered his presidential nomination acceptance speech on Thursday, Aug. 21.

According Just The News, the number of Biden and Democratic Convention stream “dislikes,” or the number of people who pressed the button saying they did not like the video’s content, outnumbered “likes” in real time and mysteriously dropped hours later.

YouTube’s changing statistics raised more questions about its political bias, prompting social media users to wonder if the Google-owned platform is acting in favor of Democratic presidential candidate.

After seeing many dislikes disappearing on videos of the DNC Conventions, i decided to do a screen record to document the censorship in favor of Joe Biden,” Youtube user “nina e” said in her video showing the number of “dislikes” for the DNC livestream dropping. On this video you can see me refreshing/reopening the page of the video of the 4th DNC Convention , the dislike were 5.9k, and when I reopened the page, 2.1k dislikes magically disappeared🤷🏻‍♀️ while likes even increased … later on, the erasing grew bigger but i didn’t document it. It is unknown if dislikes are being frozen by continuously erasing them as they appear,

This is CENSORSHIP to hide Joe Biden’s unpopularity, in order to motivate people to vote for him and suppress Trump voters. If the Democrats could fraudulently influence social media and youtube, could we trust mail-in voting without signatures required?” nina e concluded. “We are starting to feel how life is in the Chinese Communist Party. A life of governmental control, oppression, and total lack of freedom of expression,” she wrote.

President Donald Trump has tried to warn about big tech companies’ threat to democracy.

“Google & others are suppressing voices of conservatives and hiding information and news that is good. They are controlling what we can & cannot see. This is a very serious situation-will be addressed!” President Trump tweeted in 2018.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Google was accused of manipulating search results to favor Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. In 2017, Google was fined billions of dollars by the European Union for manipulating search results.

Most recently, Breitbart News, a conservative outlet, found out that the giant tech company has been “purging Breitbart content from search results since the 2016 election.” Breitbart accused Google of working to interfere with the 2020 election results.

“A few days after the 2016 election, at an internal meeting later leaked to Breitbart News, top Google executives, including Sundar Pichai, Sergey Brin, and Kent Walker, lamented President Trump’s victory, comparing Trump voters to “extremists” and discussing their desire to make Trump’s election and the populist movement a “blip” in history,” the outlet states.

“True to their word, four years later, Google is deliberately working to interfere with the re-election of Trump in 2020,” it added.