Over the weekend, former President Jimmy Carter resumed teaching Sunday school in Plains, Georgia, having recovered from surgery for a broken hip and shared about a recent conversation with President Donald Trump. Speaking to attendees at the Maranatha Baptist Church, he explained that President Trump was gracious, expressed regards for the former first family, and responded to Carter’s concern about China.

Carter said, “A few weeks ago, I got my first call from President Trump. I was delighted and I was surprised, the first time he’d ever called me. I had written him a letter about the relationships with China. I normalized diplomatic relations with China at the beginning of January 1979. He was very gracious and expressed his appreciation for my letter, and admiration for me and my wife and so forth. So it was a pleasant conversation. But the main thing that he emphasized to me was, the main purpose of his call, was to say very frankly to me on a private line that the Chinese were getting way ahead of the United States.”

After sharing that President Trump is also concerned about China, Carter further addressed his congregation’s concerns about China becoming a superpower and explained how the United States is likely the most peaceful superpower on earth based on the teachings of Jesus Christ as judged by God Almighty, which all Christians believe in.


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Carter said, “As you have heard to your concern perhaps, the Chinese are likely to be number one superpower economically within the next few years. Well, let’s look at what it means to be a superpower. Suppose we were a superpower, as judged by God Almighty. I would say that anyone on earth with a prospect of conflict in that country or civil war or war with another country, would say: ‘Why don’t we go to Washington D.C.? Because I know we can find peace there. That’s the most peaceful superpower on earth.’ Well, if you were concerned about being treated unequally, you would say: ‘Why don’t we go to Washington, because under that Constitution and laws and customs, everyone is treated the same. Does that bring a different concept of superpower to you? Not just who has the most powerful military but who is a champion of the finer things in life. Nothing fancy, just peace, and environment, human rights, and equality, all of the teachings of Jesus Christ. And that’s what all of us Christians believe in.”

Carter, who’s 94, broke his hip last month when he fell at home while leaving to go turkey hunting. He subsequently had hip replacement surgery. The former first lady was also hospitalized around the same time for what Carter said was initially thought to be a stroke, but turned out to be less serious.

Includes reporting from the Associated Press.

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