So Congress spends over $35 million on a two and a half year investigation summarized in the special counsel Mueller report released in April which determined no collusion with Russia by President Trump during the 2016 election and about 2 months later, former President Jimmy Carter shares the following respectful comments about  his first phone call with President Trump describing him as gracious, expressing appreciation and admiration for the former first family and responsive to Carter’s concern about China.

Jimmy Carter said, “A few weeks ago, I got my first call from President Trump. I was delighted and I was surprised—the first time he’d ever called me. I had written him a letter about the relationships with China. I normalized diplomatic relations with China at the beginning of January 1979. He was very gracious and expressed his appreciation for my letter, and admiration for me and my wife and so forth. So it was it was a pleasant conversation. But the main thing that he emphasized to me was, the main purpose of his call, was to say very frankly to me on a private line that the Chinese were getting way ahead of the United States.”

But then President Carter changed. Now after Democrats debate and the 2020 election season begins, a moderator gives Carter an opportunity where he contradicts the no collusion with Russia by the Mueller Report and claims that another full investigation would show that President Trump did collude with the Russians, is an illegitimate president because he did not really win the 2016 election and that he really in fact lost it.||6a27e5b60__

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Panel moderator Jon Meacham said, “Russia has been proven by our intelligence community to have interfered with one of our human rights, which is the right of free and fair elections. What’s your reaction? How would how should we deal with Russia?”

Jimmy Carter said, “Well the president himself should condemn it, admit that it happened, which I think 16 of our intelligence agencies have already agreed to do, to say. And there is no doubt that the Russians did interfere in the election. And I think the interference, although not yet quantified, if fully investigated would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016. He lost the election and he was put in office because the Russians interfered on his behalf.”

Moderator Meacham said, “So do you believe President Trump is an illegitimate president?” to which Carter replied “Based on what I just said which I can’t retract, I’d say yes.”

Finally, even in the face of some rather outlandish comments from a 94-year-old former president, President Trump asserts that Carter was a nice man but not a great president, that this is how Democrats behave, and reassures the reporters that he won the election and not because of Russia.

President Trump said, “Jimmy Carter, look, he was a nice man. He was a terrible president. He’s a Democrat and it’s a typical talking point. He’s loyal to the Democrats and I guess you should be. But, as everybody now understands, I won not because of Russia not because of anybody but myself.”

Includes reporting from the Associated Press

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