Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy, was trained in a secret CIA camp, said the son of the sniper who trained him in a revealing interview that provides new information on one of the murders that decades later remains completely unsolved.

Ricardo Morales, known as “Monkey,” described as a CIA contract worker, anti-Castro militant, counterintelligence chief for Venezuela, FBI informant, and drug trafficker, told his children before his death that he trained Oswald as a sniper in a secret CIA camp and that he recognized him after he made headlines for having been blamed for assassinating JFK.

Ricardo Morales Junior also said that the CIA sent his father and a ‘clean-up’ team to the city of Dallas, Texas, where JFK was assassinated, two days before the tragic event but that they returned without having to do anything.

When his father was asked who killed the former president, Morales replied:

“I didn’t do it, but I was in Dallas two days before waiting for orders. We were the cleaning crew just in case something bad had to be done.”

Morales explained to his children that they did not know about the assassination because no one knows what the other is going to do in the world of espionage.

The former CIA contractor told his children how he met Oswald.

“When my old man was training in a CIA camp—he did not tell me where—he was helping to train snipers: other Cubans, Latin Americans, and there were a few Americans. When he saw the photo of Lee Harvey Oswald [after the assassination] he realized that this was the same character he had seen on the CIA training field. He saw him, he saw the name tag, but he did not know him because he was not famous yet, but later when my father sees him he realizes that he is the same person.”

However, Morales told his sons that he did not believe that Oswald assassinated Kennedy because he had not demonstrated to be skilled enough with a rifle; that is to say, he was not a good marksman.

Ricardo Junior affirms that when his father told them these facts, he was sincere because he had just lost government protection and revealed many secrets of his work with the CIA and feared for his life.

Morales allegedly died in a bar fight in Key Biscayne in 1982 from a gunshot wound.

According to the Miami Herald, “El Mono,” was first an intelligence agent for Castro’s communist government, then was recruited by the CIA, FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration, Israel’s Mossad, and Venezuela’s DISIP intelligence agency in the 1960s and 1970s.

The story of Ricardo Morales Jr., who now lives in Michigan, and who according to him, did not dare to speak before because they feared for his life, gives credence to the theory that it was the CIA that planned the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

In 1961, the former president gave a famous speech at the American Newspaper Publishers Association in which he pointed out his dislike for secret societies and secret procedures.

He criticized how these societies operate because they can act with impunity, and many took it as a sign that Kennedy would dismantle the CIA.

President Biden recently announced that because of the pandemic, confidential documents about the JFK assassination would not be released yet, increasing speculation that the intelligence agency is still pushing for it not to happen because if it did, there would be devastating consequences for the CIA.

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