The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, revealed on Thursday, July 11, that he is nominating his son, Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro, from lower house of the National Congress of Brazil, as Brazil’s ambassador to the United States.

Eduardo Bolsonaro “is a friend of Trump’s sons, speaks English, speaks Spanish, and has traveled the world extensively. In my opinion, he can be a suitable person and could perfectly take care of the work in Washington,” he told reporters after an official event in Brasilia, according to Infobae.

If the nomination is confirmed, Eduardo Bolsonaro will have to resign from his post in the Chamber of Deputies. In last year’s elections, he was elected to a second term, winning 1.8 million votes in São Paulo.

When consulted on the proposal, the parliamentarian said he was willing to resign his seat to fulfill the mission entrusted to him by the president.

“If it is the will of the president, if he really officially entrusted me with that mission, I would accept,” Eduardo Bolsonaro said in an interview from the Committee on Foreign Relations and National Defense, which he chairs.

“I would be willing to give up my seat,” he added.

Eduardo Bolsonaro (Twitter)
Eduardo Bolsonaro (@BolsonaroSP/Twitter)

In the interview, Eduardo Bolsonaro pointed out several times that the nomination still depends on a formal conversation with the president and Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo.

If the nomination goes forward, it will also have to undergo a hearing in the Senate, before it is finalized.

When asked in the interview if the United States was aware, he replied: “No, the U.S. government has not yet been informed. That is why we are in the deliberation phase. I know the agreement, it’s a necessity. And we also have the debate (in the Senate),” according to what the BBC reported.

Early Thursday night, President Bolsonaro discussed the issue with Minister Ernesto Araújo in a live video broadcast on Facebook.

“I have information that Eduardo Bolsonaro may be proposed for ambassador to the U.S.,” the president said. “It’s an excellent name, president. It would be optimal,” replies Ernesto Araújo.

“My son Eduardo speaks English, Spanish and has been traveling around the world for a long time. He is a friend of President Donald Trump’s sons. The possibility exists, but it depends on him. And it also depends on the approval of the Senate,” he added. 

The youngest of Bolsonaro’s three sons was optimistic, although he acknowledged that he never belonged to the diplomatic school.

“I imagine what it will be like on the other side, I think of the American people seeing the president of a country who sends his son to work there. I speak English, I speak Spanish, I am the most voted deputy in the history of Brazil, I am chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations in the Chamber of Deputies. I think my credentials give me a certain qualification,” he said.

The possibility was revealed a day after Eduardo Bolsonaro turned 35, the minimum age required to be Brazil’s ambassador abroad.

Since before he was elected president, Bolsonaro had always openly declared that he agreed with most of Trump’s policies and the values he defends such as the life of the unborn child and the defense of the traditional family.

Since taking office in January, Bolsonaro has met twice with President Trump, strengthening personal and country-to-country relations.

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