Renowned anchor Tucker Carlson points out that the COVID-19 booster vaccine announced by President Joe Biden not only lacks scientific support, but the FDA’s panel of experts voted against it.

“Democrats aren’t following the science when it comes to vaccine booster shots,” Carlson wrote, mentioning that 16 of the 18 experts “emphatically rejected Biden’s plan for more shots,” according to Fox News Sept. 24. 

According to the Financial Times, the vote took place on Sept. 17, when the panel considered the proposal to give the extra doses manufactured by Pfizer to those 16 and older six months after their last shot.

Carlson contends that the Biden administration decided to impose the booster vaccine without consulting the scientists, and when they found out, at least two resigned, and two others said they would do so as well. 

To this fact, the Biden administration’s pandemic response coordinator, “a former Facebook board member with no medical background called Jeff Zients,” merely downplayed it. 

Zeints said on Aug. 31 that the decision was “made and announced by the nation’s top public health officials,” without mentioning which ones, and then it was on to the expert panel’s rejection. 

“Shortly after midnight on Thursday, the college professor who Biden appointed to run the CDC, Rochelle Wolensky, simply overruled the FDA panel,” Carlson wrote.

He added: “She didn’t cite any scientific basis for her overruling actual scientists. She just did it. And she did it because she can do it, because she’s in power and you’re not,” calling these proceedings “corruption.” 

Carlson then comments on parts of President Joe Biden’s Sept. 24 speech, in which he implies, “The unvaccinated are somehow dangerous to the rest of the country. That’s what the president just said.”

Carlson emphasizes, “If you are vaccinated against COVID-19, you face no conceivable danger whatsoever from people who have not been vaccinated,” signaling his disagreement with Biden’s statement. 

Biden also spoke in his speech of a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” which was called “such an outrageous lie,” by Carlson.

He then commented on Biden’s statement that “the unvaccinated are somehow destroying our hospital system,” arguing that at least two other circumstances must be considered. 

On the one hand, there’s the indiscriminate admission of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who are assured hospital care, seriously damaging the health care system. 

And on the other hand, the vaccination mandate has forced many health care workers to be stripped of their jobs because they give priority to their right to choose not to be vaccinated. 

“Whole wards in hospitals have been shut down because of Joe Biden’s mandates. Might be nice to have more doctors and nurses around in an emergency,” Carlson wrote.

After exposing these contradictory decisions and procedures, the host believes the Biden administration is not truthful to its constituents. 

“Think about that: blaming regular Americans for a virus that American bureaucrats funded and the Chinese military created. If you don’t follow his made-up laws, laws with no precedent in all of American history, you’re the reason we’re all suffering. What a lie,” Carlson maintains. 

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