In October, U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom released a law that now makes it mandatory for Florida cities and counties to cooperate with ICE.

Last June, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed SB168 into law, which requires all Florida cities to cooperate with ICE. The law allows the governor or attorney general to take action on elected officials who don’t comply with the law, including removing them from office.

The Democrat opponents were then trying to file a lawsuit in federal court that temporarily delayed the law from going into effect.

However, the judge ruled that parts of a new Florida immigration law, seen by opponents as a “sanctuary city ban,” could go into effect on Oct. 1. She continued to block a portion of the law requiring state law enforcement to cross state lines to assist ICE but allowed other portions of the law to go into effect, including the law for the sate to cooperate with ICE, according to LifeZette

“Congress gave a clear indication that it sought to facilitate, not pre-empt, the type of cooperation that SB 168 mandates,” Bloom wrote in the order.

Under the law, local police departments will be required to hold undocumented immigrants who have been detained for an additional 48 hours, until ICE arrives and transports them to a federal detention center. People who have fully served their local sentence or posted bond will also be detained for the extra two days.