Dr. Byram Bridle, professor of viral immunology at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Guelph, Ontario, denied on Fox News Aug. 6 that people who did not get the COVID vaccine are making the pandemic worse, a claim made by both the CDC director, President Joe Biden, and Dr. Fauci.

News anchor Laura Ingraham opened the segment with footage of Communicable Disease Center (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and President Joe Biden, saying that what is happening in the country is a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated,’ claiming that the people who did not get the vaccines are the ones who are now suffering the disease most severely.

“Absolutely it’s untrue to be calling it a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Dr. Bridle asserted and made the following argument:

“If you have a biological entity that’s prone to mutation, and the SARS Coronavirus-2 like all coronaviruses is prone to mutation… and you apply a narrowly focused selective pressure that is non-lethal and you do this over a long period of time, this is the recipe for driving the emergence of novel variants, and that’s exactly what we are doing.”

“Our vaccines are focused on a single protein of the virus, so the virus only has to alter one protein, and the vaccines don’t come close to conferring sterilizing immunity, people who are vaccinated still get infected,” he added.

What Dr. Bridle explains is that vaccines do not kill the coronavirus but only attack the protein spikes, so the virus easily mutates that protein and attacks people again, even those who have been vaccinated.

Thus, experimental vaccines against Covid are accelerating the creation of new strains, according to Dr. Bridle.

Luc Montagnier, Nobel laureate in medicine, made similar statements, only his argument was based on the phenomenon called ‘Antibody-dependent Enhancement’ where antibodies ‘help’ viruses infect cells.

Natural immunity

Bridle, who has been ‘fact-checked’ by mainstream media, including the Associated Press, who debunked his conclusions using the interpretation of other experts, explains the big difference between the immunity acquired by a person who becomes infected with the virus without having been vaccinated.

“Natural acquired immunity is very potent, is very long lasting, and importantly in the context of novel variants, it’s very broad in its scope. So it is going to be very balanced, we are going to have lots of antibodies, and T-cells and the thing is it targets multiple components of the virus.”

Thus, viruses can re-infect vaccinated people but not so easily those who acquired natural immunity. To do that, the virus has to mutate completely because people’s defense systems can attack all of its components if it tries to enter the body.

Laura Ingraham then wonders why they are trying to demonize those who choose not to get vaccinated – for whatever reason – and have to be punished, shunned, or denied service.

The official data also does not point to the unvaccinated

The presenter noted that health officials’ rationale that the unvaccinated are making the pandemic worse is based on the fact that 99 percent of deaths and 95 percent of hospitalizations for Covid are from unvaccinated people.

However, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky herself admitted at an Aug. 5 press conference that the data used to reach that conclusion was from January through June 2021, when just 5 percent of the population was vaccinated.

“The vast majority of this country was unvaccinated during the first four months of the year. Thus the numbers were obviously skewed towards those dying in hospitals being in that category,” the Fox News anchor said.

Biodistribution of the vaccine

Other statements for which Dr. Bridle was ‘fact-checked’ include the claim that the spike proteins that the vaccine commands the body to produce are toxic.

The virologist, reviewing data from the Pfizer lab itself, found that when the firm sent its data to Japan, the Asian government requested additional information that regulatory bodies in the United States or Canada, where Bridle is from, do not request.

This additional information is the biodistribution of the vaccine, i.e., where the vaccine goes once it enters the body.

“Traditional vaccine technologies, what we know, is that when the vaccine is injected, in this case in the shoulder muscle, normally the vaccine will stay in the shoulder muscle,” Dr. Bridle explained.

“But in this case, the study indicated that as little as 25% of the dose remains on the shoulder muscle,” the virologist said, and for women, just seven percent remains in the shoulder. “The rest of the dose seems to distribute systemically through the body, seeding all kinds of tissues.”

The spike protein is distributed throughout the body via the bloodstream, and as it attaches to different cells in different organs, it ‘commands’ them to create the spike protein.

Dr. Bridle’s concern is that it appears that the spike protein is toxic, “as we generate antibodies to this spike protein, if we have cells in the body that start to express spike proteins in the surface, the antibodies will start attacking our own cells.”

For example, Dr. Bridle’s theory explains why there are reports that vaccines are causing sterility in women because once the spike proteins develop in the ovaries, the immune system will attack the ovary, causing irreversible damage.