The former President Donald Trump released a statement on Tuesday, Oct. 26, on the website of his media venture and assured that what he intends to accomplish with the project, which he described as “difficult” and “expensive,” goes beyond simply making policy and is more about saving the country.

“Last week, I announced the creation of a major new company that will challenge the dominance of the Big Tech giants and Big Media bosses,” the former president wrote. “Today I want to explain more about what I am doing and why. For me, this endeavor is about much more than politics. This is about saving our country.”

Trump described Americans as people of thinking, intelligent people, open to debate, unafraid to debate their ideas, and able to disagree, but suddenly, a small group of people elected themselves as arbiters of truth and control what people can say, do, think or share.

Among the examples he gave to illustrate such censorship that happened during his tenure as president, he named the case of the group of doctors who proposed alternative medicines and were censored or the theory that the virus originated in a Wuhan lab that was also initially suppressed.

However, it gained ground in the mainstream media later. Or the case of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which contained compromising evidence about his business dealings but Twitter banned from circulation.

Both Trump’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts were suspended even before the end of his term.

Trump said that the ‘cancellation culture’ went against American values and explained that this has an impact that may not be visible now but is destructive in the long run.

“How many Americans no longer trust a word they hear from their leaders, media, or public health officials, because the one thing they know for certain is that they are not getting the full story?” asked Trump.

“How many ordinary citizens have sadly come to resent their neighbors, feeling that they now live in two entirely different realities? And how many millions of Americans silently oppose so much of the nonsense being inflicted on us, but see the heavy hand of the cancelers, and conclude that their voice can make no difference, or that the cost of speaking up is just too high?”

After Trump was blamed for the January 6 incidents at the Capitol, some of his bank accounts were canceled, one of the lawmakers who supported his claims of election fraud was stripped of her commissions, and more recently, Bill De Blasio’s administration expropriated Trump’s golf course in New York, despite the fact the former president was acquitted on the charges of having incited the riots.

The former president said he had been thinking about the issue, reflecting on how difficult it would be to be able to restore free speech in the current scenario, and concluded that the only way was to launch a competitive media company willing to protect “all sides of the debate,” with good funding and a structure completely independent of Big Tech.

“… such a platform would need the ability to rapidly attract millions of users, welcoming not only Republicans to join, but Independents and Democrats as well,” Trump explained.

“It’s a tremendously difficult set of challenges—and I realized I might be the only person in America with the megaphone, the resources, the experience, and the desire to make it all happen,” the former president reflected.

In his statement, Trump said that in addition to the social network ‘Truth Social,’ the TMTG media venture will include an on-demand movie streaming service that will differentiate itself from the ‘woke’ content of the major studios that have politicized content trying to adapt to modern trends. TMTG will also launch a virtual payments system.

Trump ended his statement by declaring that it is unfair for a group of like-minded people who want to silence others to run the entire media and entertainment industry.

“I am determined to break their chokehold over the voices of the American People—not just for myself and my own supporters, but for the United States of America!”

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