A video that tugs at the heartstrings was posted on social media last week. Two children were shown helping their 6-year-old friend, a boy with cerebral palsy, navigate a water park in upstate New York.

The video was filmed by Andrea Mackey, and posted to Facebook, the Syracuse Post-Standard revealed. Jeffrey Mackey, 6, was with his family at Fulton’s Thunder Island water park when his muscles started to tighten up, WSTM reported.

“He gets colder when he’s in a water park because the water’s cold,” which made his muscles tighter, making it hard for him to keep up,” Mackey said.

That’s when a pair of Jeffrey’s 5-year-old friends, Raya Joyce and Kane Raymond, stepped in to help. The two children encouraged him to keep moving and walked with him to the water slide.

Throughout the day, they helped Jeffrey walk up the ramp to the water slide, they stopped and waited for Jeffrey at the bottom of the slide every time, Andrea Mackey said.

Mackey started recording when Raya held Jeffrey’s hand and continued as Kane held Jeffrey’s other hand. The trio walked easily on the path to the water slide.

That was amazing to see, Mackey said, “It was heartwarming.”

Two days after going to the park, Mackey posted the video on Facebook. Mikaila Ryan, her 19-year-old daughter, posted it to Twitter and it has been viewed over 7.3 million times and received over 522,000 likes.

She was moved by the children’s act of kindness and the response it received, Mackey said.

She knew he’ll have somebody that will always have his back and he’ll be OK at that moment right there, Mackey said. “just two little amazing kids that did it all by themselves, nobody told them to, they took it upon themselves.”

“It was amazing to see,” Mackey said.

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