“I think it would be a danger to the presidency in the future for us to legitimize what’s going on in the House,” warned U.S. Sen. Linsey Graham (R-S.C.), referring to irregularities in the inquiry of the Democratic opposition, as they try to gather evidence to substantiate their accusations against President Trump in an attempt to remove him.

According to Fox News, neither the president nor members of his administration have been allowed to participate in any other proceedings.

Likewise, Democratic House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, despite Republican requests, has not brought the anonymous whistleblower to testify publicly.

“There’s no civil proceeding in America—no criminal proceeding in America—that denies a person to tell their side of the story by calling witnesses except in the House,” said Graham, who in the late 1990s also participated in the impeachment inquiry of then-President Bill Clinton.

In addition, Graham asserted that the accusations against President Trump are not true, so they will never find evidence to support them.

He said that President Trump should have the right, like any American, to confront his accuser.

“The allegation is that Donald J. Trump withheld aid to Ukraine unless the Ukrainian government investigated Joe Biden and Hunter Biden for corruption,” Graham said.

“The problem with that allegation is that it’s not true. The aid was delivered to the Ukrainian government and there was no investigation of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden,” he concluded.