While President Trump rallies Canadian assistance on the largest trade deal in U.S. history having already secured Mexican approval, Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems less concerned and places her focus on diplomatic gift exchanges and Peace by Chocolate with our all time closest neighbor. 

The President said, “But it’s an honor to have the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. He’s been a friend of mine, we’ve worked hard together. We work in particular on the USMCA. And we hope to have bipartisan support. I think Justin, you’re going to be making the rounds of Congress later,” to which Trudeau answered, “Meeting a few people.”

The president continued, “Again, it’s the largest trade deal by far ever entered into. And we’re very close to have it finalized. It means a lot of jobs for our country, a lot of wealth for all three countries.”

During the speaker’s meeting with Trudeau, she said, “We look forward to a lively discussion with the prime minister today on issues that relate to global security, to the economic relationship in terms of trade. He may want to talk about sports. I think that’s off limits … as I promised. Products of the great state of California. Starting with chocolate, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and wine. Congratulations.”


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The prime minister responded, “Actually since we’re at it Canadians are gracious in defeat and even more gracious in victory. I put together a little bit of Raptors swag. I don’t expect you to wear it but we the north. … But I also wanted to include Peace by Chocolate is a company in Antigonish, Nova Scotia … Peace by Chocolate is something that Canada is very proud of.” And the speaker replied with Peace by Chocolate. Sounds Like an international agreement.”

Meanwhile, here’s what’s been hanging in the balance for North American trade since April 2019 as described by former Trump adviser Curtis Ellis on FoxNews.

FoxNews said, “Here’s a new study, it claims that the USMCA, that’s the revised NAFTA, of course, would add $68 billion to the economy, create about 200,000 jobs in its first 6 years. That’s the claim. That’s what the report says, but, of course Congress has to pass this thing first. Curtis Ellis is back with us, former Trump campaign trade and labor adviser. First of all, is this up to Speaker Pelosi, whether there is a vote on this thing or not?

Ellis replied, “She actually does have the option of not bringing it to the floor for a vote and I expect she will. I am here to deliver a warning to the Democrats. They bottle this up or defeat it at their own peril … because the industrial workers of America, the labor unions understand that NAFTA was a disaster. It destroyed the automotive industry in America. It destroyed so many other jobs. If the Democrats now want to stop the revision of NAFTA, because President Trump has delivered on his promise to improve this deal. This is going to create thousands of automotive jobs. Billions of dollars of investment in the automotive and auto parts sector. If the Democrats want to repeat Bill Clinton’s mistake and stop President Trump from fixing NAFTA, they will pay the price.

FoxNews said, “If Speaker Pelosi says yes, put it on the floor for a vote, can it be amended?” and Mr. Ellis replied, “It cannot be amended.”

Includes reporting from FoxNews and the Associated Press

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