The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), discarding all scientific facts, published a statement on its website claiming that ‘racism’ in the United States is why African Americans and other minority communities suffer more health problems.

According to the CDC,  ‘centuries of racism in the country’ affected, among other things, the health of African Americans and non-white communities, and that the United States “must confront the systems and policies that have resulted in the generational injustice that has given rise to racial and ethnic health inequities.”

While it was a tortuous path from the abolition of slavery in the country 156 years ago to the culmination of the civil rights movement in 1960, with which African Americans were finally recognized as equals under the law in American society, there are no racist systems or policies in place in the United States today.

“Additionally, the life expectancy of non-Hispanic/Black Americans is four years lower than that of White Americans,” the CDC explains on its website, reducing the happiness or unhappiness of the black community and other minorities to how Whites treat them.

“The COVID-19 pandemic, and its disproportionate impact among racial and ethnic minority populations is another stark example of these enduring health disparities,” the agency stated, saying that racism deprives the scientific and medical community “of the full breadth of talent, expertise, and perspectives needed to best address racial and ethnic health disparities.”

In other words, according to the health authority, White American health professionals, because of their ‘racism’ are not good enough to deal with the health problems of African Americans.

The race card is used to advance socialism in the U.S.

The fundamental problem with claiming that ‘racism’ is the reason behind the health problems of the black American community is not a matter of differences of opinion but of scientific evidence.

Taking as an example the same official CDC data, 94% of deaths from the CCP virus were recorded in people over the age of 65 and with pre-existing health conditions, definitely, the CCP (coronavirus) does not have an ounce of racism and has claimed the lives of the most vulnerable, regardless of their social status.

In its statements, the CDC alludes to the ‘inequality’ of access to health care, arguing that because of ‘racism,’ blacks and other minorities are less likely to receive medical treatment than whites.

But access to other medical care has to do with social classes and people’s economic level. There are upper social classes with higher incomes that can afford better medical services worldwide, not just in the United States, and it has nothing to do with racist policies or systems.

The CDC’s approach has a hint of socialism behind it, as it accuses the rich of not giving better things for free to the poorest. In fact, it is everything the Biden administration has been doing in these short months in office:

  • Pushing racism to divide the country to advance its socialist policies.
  • Raising taxes for the rich to ‘distribute wealth.’
  • Creating greater dependence on the state.

Coordinated globalist effort

The supposedly ‘prestigious’ British medical journal The Lancet, with which many people around the world decided that vaccines were safe after reading a report in this journal (again disregarding concrete evidence of how unsafe vaccines have turned out to be and relying only on the reputation of a mainstream media outlet) published in parallel a report entitled “Racism is the public health crisis”.

In its report, the publication also brushes aside science to blame ‘white supremacy’ and ‘structural racism’ for the inequality that, as a consequence, generates more significant health problems in those discriminated against.

“Racism is a defining feature of western countries, creating a society where Black life is devalued. The hierarchy of white supremacy creates an uneven distribution of resources and means that the majority of those who are not white are subject to various health inequalities,” states the ‘medical’ publication, omitting the fact that there are millions of black people in Europe, the United States and other parts of the world who are successful businessmen, political leaders, and entrepreneurs in Caucasian-majority societies.

The Lancet is not afraid to show its strong leftist ideology. It even promotes the idea that the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement must be globally accepted to ‘understand racism’.

Surely The Lancet’s members are not aware that the founder and chair of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, recently bought a $1.4 million house in an affluent ‘white’ neighborhood in California, arguably an excellent example of ‘equality’ for a Communist.

The CDC and Lancet statements’ concepts are ideologically the same: to impose socialism in capitalist countries with largely conservative Christian societies such as the United States and the United Kingdom. They use racism to drive ‘wealth distribution’, raising taxes to ultimately subject all people to the power of an omnipresent state.

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