Drew Fernandez, an investigative journalist, revealed chilling data of what is happening at the southern border and remarked that the immigration crisis in the country has as its main objective, human trafficking.

In an interview with Steve Bannon, the former Trump adviser, Fernandez, who is covering the border crisis from Phoenix, Arizona, unloaded his anger with the Biden administration, accusing it of pretending to care about immigrants but in reality Democrats do not care.

Fernandez argued that even the Mexican president and the Mexican Government is talking about the immigration crisis within its own borders, something that has never happened before, and that the Mexican president’s central concern is human trafficking.

Human trafficking in Mexico

Look at what the Mexican government is concerned with, what are they concerned with, with this mass illegal immigration? They are concerned with the criminal enterprises, with the cartels, growing, funding, and business booming for them in their own countries,” Fernandez stated.

Fernandez harshly criticized Biden, his press secretary, Jen Psaki for not publicly acknowledging the crisis at the border, which hurts immigrants even more.

He recounted the ordeal immigrants face crossing Mexico to reach the southern border of the United States, saying it is a “nightmare” that no American would wish on another human being.

Despite all this, “and Joe Biden would not even call it a crisis? When the Mexican government … when the Mexican president is calling him the ‘Migrant President?’” chided Fernandez. “And we can’t even get the President of the U.S. to even acknowledge these things?”

According to Fernandez the reason they are not declaring the crisis at the border is because there is no Trump as a scapegoat, and if they were to admit that there is a crisis, well, then they will be the ones responsible for it.

Unaccompanied children at risk

The important point that Fernandez wanted to emphasize, is that behind all this flow of illegal aliens there is a network of human traffickers who are taking advantage to bring children without parents onto American soil so that they are then at the mercy of pedophiles, rapists, and people dedicated to trafficking.

It “is like an onion, the drug trafficking, the guns smuggling, those are just layers to the onions, the real problem, even the Mexican government is concerned with, is the human trafficking, the human smuggling, it is a million-dollar industry, that even goes beyond Central America,” Fernandez stressed.

According to his sources, the Mexican government infiltrated spies into these immigrant groups and discovered that the cartels are asking $3,200 for each child without parents.

Since many of the immigrants are criminals fleeing justice in their home countries, one way for them to be accepted into the United States is to enter with a minor.

“The only way you see getting into the U.S., the cartels will literally say to these people ‘Hey, if you have a minor with you, we’ll give you a lower price, 3,200 dollars,'” Fernandez explained.

Illegal apprehensions on the rise

With Joe Biden’s open borders, more than 100,000 illegal aliens were reported to have been apprehended by authorities at the border from January to date.

Biden also revived the “catch and release” policy whereby illegals are released on U.S. soil after they cross the border.

This results in the scenario described by Fernandez, thousands of human traffickers, rapists, and pedophiles loose in the same place where they release these unaccompanied children who were used to enter the country.

“It’s not a Republican issue, it’s not a Democratic issue, it’s an evil issue,” reflected Fernandez.

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