Fears of internal attacks have prompted the FBI to thoroughly investigate the 25,000 members of the National Guard, who will protect the next U.S. president’s inauguration on Jan. 20.

U.S. Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy said that because of the concerns, inquiries into the military’s background will be repeated, which this time are 2.5 times more numerous than in previous presidential terms.

“We need to be conscious of it and we need to put all of the mechanisms in place to thoroughly vet these men and women who would support any operations like this,” McCarthy said, as reported by The Associated Press on Jan. 18.

The vetting conducted so far on the Guard do not show any evidence of threats. However, the FBI is conducting an additional review to try to allay existing fears.

“Our first priority is to protect people and property—and the safety and well-being of our National Guard personnel,” said Army Gen. Daniel Hokanson, chief of the National Guard Bureau.

Such a move is unprecedented in recent U.S. history.

“The volume of aircraft, personnel, and equipment that is processing through Andrews is pretty much unprecedented,” said Air National Guard Director of Public Affairs Lt. Col. Devin T. Robinson.

He added, “Our Guard Airmen are turning a massive number of aircraft in a very short period of time—it really is amazing!

Journalist Cristina Laila, for her part, notes the massive troop presence, writing, “The nation’s capital has been turned into an occupied military zone like Baghdad. In fact, there are more US troops in the nation’s capital today than in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan combined.”

National Guardsmen have the ability to use their weapons in this event, and several avenues of access to the Capitol are expected to be closed on Jan. 20.

 Additionally, razor wire fences have been installed around the Capitol and the Supreme Court, and large areas of the city have been blocked from vehicular traffic.

The huge security devices are taken by some as a reflection of the fraudulent presidential election process that took place on Nov. 3. Laila is one of the people highlighting this controversial situation.

“If Joe Biden needs 25,000 troops to protect his inauguration and he’s paranoid about an insider attack from those troops perhaps he wasn’t elected by the people,” she said in her article in The Gateway Pundit.