Florida authorities are looking for a woman who abandoned a 1-day-old infant on the doorstep of a stranger. Police believe she may have been in an abusive situation but added that abandoning a child this way is still a crime, according to ABC7.

For some reason, the mother of the baby boy picked the Althea Brown family to leave her infant at their doorstep over the weekend.

Orlando police said investigators are looking at all the circumstances involved, including, a note that was left with the baby. It describes a serious domestic violence situation between the baby’s father and mother.

The police didn’t want to discuss specifically the note, because the mother may be in danger, Sgt. Eduardo Bernal said, “But we are looking into all the circumstances with that.”

Brown was also worried that the mother is in danger, even if her infant is now safe in the hospital, thanks to neighbors who found the child in time, wrapped in a t-shirt on the doorstep and called the police.

The infant appears to be in good health, but authorities said he could have died. Other people are encouraged to choose a safe option for the infant in similar situations.

Newborn babies can legally be left at any hospital or fire station with no questions asked, according to the Safe Haven law in Florida.

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