The renowned Danish toy company LEGO recently announced the upcoming launch of its “Everyone is Awesome” collection for children, in the allegory of “Gay Pride month.”

“We’re super excited to reveal our new set—LEGO Everyone is Awesome! Because we celebrate every LEGO builder,” the company announced on Twitter on Thursday morning.

Six of the 11 figures in the collection are colored in the colors of the rainbow, which, according to the biblical book of Genesis, is a symbol of God’s covenant to never again devastate the earth by flooding, but which in recent decades has been co-opted by the gay rights movement, according to Breitbart.

According to the toy’s designer, the conventional gay pride flag was expanded with the colors of the transgender flag that includes pink, light blue, and white, representing those who are non-binary, transitioning, or intersex.

In addition, two more black and brown stripes and figures have been added to “represent the broad diversity of all within the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Remember that the plus sign (+) within that “broad diversity” they refer to is frightening, as it may even include pedophilia.

According to The Guardian, these new LEGO figures, in all but one case, have not been assigned a specific gender, as they are meant to “express individuality, while remaining ambiguous.”

The exception is the purple figure with a beehive haircut, which “is a clear nod to all the fabulous drag queens out there,” according to LEGO designer and vice president Matthew Ashton.

According to a statement from LEGO, the set will be released June 1 at the start of gay pride month and will cost £30.99 ($43.78).

Ashton, who is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, is an openly gay man, said: “I wanted to create a model that symbolizes inclusivity and celebrates everyone, no matter how they identify or who they love.”

“Growing up as an LGBTQ+ kid – being told what I should play with, how I should walk, how I should talk, what I should wear – the message I always got was that somehow I was ‘wrong’,” he added.

LEGO had previously joined other progressive left-wing movements in recent years. Last summer, during the Black Lives Matter riots, the toymaker asked retailers to temporarily remove promotional materials and advertising for toys based on the law, for example police figures.

The cereal brand Kellogg’s has also joined in this type of indoctrination from infancy, releasing a box designed in the colors of the LGBTQIA+ community, even with a quiz on the back encouraging children to choose their preferred “pronoun.”

Several companies are toeing the progressive line, trying to follow fads or trends dictated by a minority, social media, or a celebrity of the moment.

But are these decisions timely for companies? In reality, the real mass of people, the customers who buy the products, are often not necessarily represented in these trends or fads.

Moreover, almost no parent likes to have their child instilled with an ideology through a product, and even less so if these ideologies are alien to their principles.

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