Legislation passed by Democrats in California in 2018 that only became effective this year forces staff at companies with more than five employees, including Christian universities, to undergo gender ideology training systematically from entry and every two years.

California’s Bill 1343, signed by its Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, mandates that employers with five or more employees must provide training on various gender ideology issues, such as sexual harassment, gender expression, sexual diversity, and other related matters.

The training must also cover “harassment based on gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.” It does not offer religious accommodation. The Department of Fair Housing and Employment is responsible for providing interactive online courses that employers can use to fulfill their obligations.

A Pepperdine University law school student provided Just the News with the employee training they were required to complete last month, as well as communications with Pepperdine officials, including its dean. 

On the one hand, it is controversial that the government is forcing employees and private employers to train on an issue with nothing to do with the job in question. But what is more repudiatory is that the content of such training is nothing more than a particular ideology which, like any ideology, may or may not be shared by the worker. Many find it offensive and reject it.

Alexandra Boutelle complained in particular about a video whose “statements on gender and sexuality could not be more contrary to the Bible and to Pepperdine’s statement on sexual relations.”

When people are born, “society defines them by looking at their reproductive organs and labels them male or female,” says one instructor in the controversial video. “It’s a girl!” says another person present in the scene when shown an ultrasound. “Well, it’s actually more complicated than that,” the instructor replies, and the video goes on to explain gender identity and gender expression, using a strong ideological framework akin to the LGBT agenda.

The university, which is historically affiliated with the Churches of Christ, assured her that it had no leeway to modify the state-required training under Senate Bill 1343.

The Department of Fair Employment and Housing is responsible for providing interactive online courses that employers can use to meet their obligations.

While the training material cannot be altered or replaced, it does not negate adding information. In this regard, Biola University, also Christian-based, chose to precede the training with an informative letter: “Explaining and reiterating the university’s theological position on the topics included in the training.”

Boutelle, who had to receive the training because she was a student “employee,” wrote to the officials in charge of the training:

“I understand that this training is required by the state of California, but I was appalled at the content that I was required to watch and affirm through the questions in order to continue as a student employee.”

Those affected have to watch the entire training, including the theater company’s video, to take a screenshot of the final page as needed; Boutelle told Just the News, “There is no way to skip or fast forward.”

Boutelle unloaded her logical concern on her Twitter account, notifying well-known conservatives that: California was forcing employees to “betray their convictions and answer questions rejecting basic biology in favor of the transgender movement.”

LGBTQ+ people are “created in the image of God” like everyone else, Boutelle clarifies in a tweet, explaining that she only intends to be able to “freely express” her disagreement with her characterization of sex “in a civilized way without being attacked or ‘written off.'”

Twitter, a significant shill for the leftist LGBT agenda, was quick to block her account, and two weeks later, it can still be seen as “temporarily restricted.”

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