American Vietnamese, members of the Tibetan community and Taiwanese joined a group of citizens of Indian origin on Sunday, Aug. 9, in a peaceful demonstration against the Chinese Communist Party’s abuses of various minorities. The event took place outside the Capitol and no incidents were reported.

The rally was attended by a multiethnic group of participants, all wearing protective masks and respecting social distance. Most held posters referring to various claims against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the human rights atrocities carried out by the CCP mainly against the Uighurs, Tibetans, and other ethnic minorities.

According to the note published by Breitbart, the event was mainly organized by the group Overseas Friends of BJP USA, allied to the Hindu Nationalist Party Bharatiya Janata (currently in government).

The demands of the different groups that converged on Sunday had the common goal of denouncing the human rights abuses by the CCP and requesting the United States to continue with its efforts to confront the advance of the same.

Since the clash in Galwan (India-China border) between Indian troops and members of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in mid-June, protests against the CCP have erupted in several cities around the world including New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. But this past Sunday was significantly more important as it also included protesters from other countries and ethnic groups who also suffer from the oppressive abuses of the CCP.

The protesters believe that although the “boycott China” campaign has already been more successful than anticipated, much more needs to be done. They also emphasized that the protest is not against the people of China, but against the Chinese Communist Party.

According to the Times of India, Adapa Prasad, a community leader who led the organization of the protest, described China as a nation on an expedition to seize the lands of other nations and cultures. He also claimed that in its expansionist policy, it is stealing, lying, and betraying its own neighbors, including India and Vietnam (a former political ally).

The CCP is aggressively trying to steal land from India in Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh. It is intimidating Bhutan. it has also claimed ownership of the mountains of Tajikistan. Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, and Russia are also victims of the CCP’s expansionist policies. 

Vietnamese activist Matt Truong said, “With all the Vietnamese that came to the United States due to communism … when I was invited … I said I’ve got to come, and in the future, I will also invite the larger Vietnamese communities … our common threat is communism, not the Chinese people—communism,” reported Breitbart.

One of the most popular accusations is the abuse of the Uighur people of East Turkistan, who are suffering extreme human rights atrocities. Currently, the U.S. government believes the Communist Party is keeping 1 million to 3 million ethnic Uighurs in concentration camps throughout Xinjiang, forcing them to worship dictator Xi Jinping, abandon their Islamic faith, and engage in slave labor.

In Hong Kong, a territory that is struggling to maintain its autonomy, which has been undermined by the CCP, after recently passing the national security law that makes all dissent against communism essentially illegal. Those guilty of crimes such as “subverting state power” or “separatist” thinking face a minimum of a decade in prison.

It is a growing movement and we want our fellow citizens to echo the sentiment,” FIA (Federation of Indian Associations) President Ankur Vaidya told Breitbart News. “We strongly believe that China [the CCP] is gaining methodical traction in its unstoppable greed to do whatever it takes to overthrow us.

Among the claims that the CCP has yet to explain to the world is the persecution of Falun Dafa or Falun Gong practitioners. This was described as an atheistic campaign ordered by the Chinese Communist Party, and led by the 610 Office, a special extra-constitutional task force, created specifically to exterminate Falun Dafa practitioners. 

The campaign focuses on the implementation of a system of atheistic propaganda and smear campaigns against Falun Dafa, a system of ideological conversion and forced re-education, and a variety of illegal coercive measures, including arbitrary detention, forced labour, physical torture, and forced removal of organs and death