An unveiling and blessing ceremony was held Friday, Jan. 31, for Greenwood’s first Safe Haven Baby Box with help from a special little girl.

The first Safe Haven Baby Box was installed in Indiana was in March 2017, when Grace Harger was dropped off at a fire station in Michigan City. She was called “Baby Hope” and received the name “Grace” when she was adopted by Misty and Phil Harger the following year.

The little girl is now 2 years old and is thriving with her adopted family, something that her mom said may have never happened it if wasn’t for that baby box, according to WRTV.

“Safe Haven Baby Boxes has changed our lives forever,” said Grace’s mother, Misty. “Holding this little girl in our arms was one of the greatest blessings we’ve ever received. We thank God every day that her mother made the decision to put her in the baby box in Michigan City, Indiana. Without these fire stations and safe haven laws, babies like Grace end up in terrible places.”

The new box in Greenwood is the 21st box in the state of Indiana and the 25th Safe Haven Baby Box in the country. It is located at Fire Station 53 on North Morgantown Road.

Baby boxes allow parents to safely give up a baby anonymously without fear of criminal prosecution. Since November 2017, five infants have been safely surrendered in a Safe Haven Baby Box.

The boxes have alarm systems that immediately alert a local hospital or emergency responders.

Indiana’s Safe Haven Law allows people to take newborn babies to any hospital emergency room, police station, or fire station without any questions asked and no risk of arrest or prosecution.

The 24-hour Safe Haven hotline is available at 1-866-992-2291.



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