Adorable Newfie dogs bring joy to customers on a tree farm in Indiana.

During the holiday season, service dogs from Tom Dull’s family tree farm assist in pulling Christmas trees for clients. This idea delights clients while raising money for the South Central Coast’s Newfoundland Animal Rescue.

Virginia Davis, the co-founder of Rescue Newfoundland, earlier shared with Tom the new idea of putting the Newfoundland Dog on the tree farm.

Families visit Dull’s Tree Farm to purchase Christmas trees and see these lovely dogs drag the tree back to their car on special wheeled carts.

Some dogs love to bring the trees and get a lot of attention. Dogs that are either young or too old to pull sleds serve as greeters. They also like all of the cuddles they receive.

In addition to raising funds, this idea raises communities’ awareness and opens the door to adoption. It also helps to bring their community together, as SBLY Animal Channel reported.

Therefore, Tom and his family are always eager to welcome South Central Newfoundland Rescue and their cherished Newfoundlands to their tree farm.

According to Tom, all the farm does is give back to the community for supporting them when they first started their business.

He intends to keep doing so as long as it benefits other issues in their community.

According to Tom’s son, Lucas Dull, there are numerous advantages to using a true Christmas tree.

“A lot of people think that cutting a tree down would be worse for the environment but, because of our constant cycle of planting, growing and cutting, it is actually much better,” he shared. “The trees – while they are growing and being prepared to be Christmas trees – are great for the environment, and it is a much better renewable resource than a plastic tree.”

Dull’s Tree Farm began as a bit of business to help pay for their children’s college educations.

The children have graduated from college debt-free, and the company has grown steadily over the last 14 years.

“We had no visions of growing into what it is now,” Tom Dull recalled according to The Times. “Our intention was to hopefully put enough money in the bank to send the kids to college. And it worked. Once we got that going along, there is just no place to quit. The opportunity presents itself. You follow the opportunities, and here we are.”

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