A Monroe County mother, Makayla Carpenter, will serve two and a half years’ probation after admitting to strangulation of her then 2-year-old son.

RTV6 reported that the case started, according to the probable cause affidavit, when a family member contacted the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office with video evidence of child abuse.

The video shows Carpenter cussing, slapping the child, and standing over him with her hands on a 2-year-old toddler, police said.

“(The child’s) cries become muffled and sounds as if he is struggling to breathe. The slap can be heard as well as seen on the video,” according to the report.

Carpenter, of Bloomington, admitted to police that she slapped the toddler and placed her hand over his mouth for a period of 45 seconds.

“Makayla admitted to me that she knew she was making it somewhat difficult for (the child) to breathe normally, and she told me she feels like a monster,” the deputy’s report read.

The Indiana Department of Child Services also investigated, but the result was not disclosed for the public.

The judge determined a sentence of 2.5 years of probation after Carpenter reached an open plea agreement with prosecutors in which she pleaded guilty to strangulation, a level 6 felony.

She is required to continue counseling.

Carpenter received credit for six days already served behind bars.

As part of the plea, prosecutors dismissed a charge of battery with injury on a child under age 14.

David Gohn, Monroe County chief deputy prosecutor, said they felt they would be unable to show to a jury the element of “injury” beyond a reasonable doubt.

“The Court took into account the seriousness of the offense but also her completion of intensive parenting training and counseling while the case was pending as well as her lack of a prior criminal record,” Gohn said.

Steven McGlocklin, the boy’s father, told RTV6 that he is disappointed in the sentence.

“Justice was not served,” McGlocklin said.

The child has been back in Carpenter’s custody since March, according to McGlocklin.

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