In Indiana, the governor signed a bill to ensure that churches are not subjected to the same discrimination in the future, Life News reported.

SB 263, endorsed by Sens. Eric Koch, Liz Brown, and Aaron Freeman, guaranteed that churches and other religious institutions would stay open during a state of emergency on the same terms as other businesses and services.

Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Counsel Greg Chafuen responded to the signing by saying that this initiative would ensure that First Amendment religious freedoms were covered.

“Houses of worship and religious organizations provide soul-sustaining operations that are essential to our society and protected by the First Amendment,” he said.

The United States Supreme Court issued an emergency injunction pending appeal in a 5-4 ruling earlier this month, finding that California Governor Gavin Newsom’s limits on home Bible study and worship violate the First Amendment.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the US administration has shut down churches and other religious gathering activities in the name of “social distancing” along with curfews, quarantines in order to keep the pandemic under control.

However, the church is always necessary for believers, but it has been especially critical during the yearlong tribulations that included violent riots, a global pandemic, and a contentious election. 

According to a recently published study, the mental health of U.S. citizens has collapsed during this year of chaos, with no distinction made between age, sex, occupation, or income levels, except for one group: those who regularly attend church. 

 The results of a survey conducted by the prestigious consulting firm Gallup showed that the mental health of Americans is at its lowest point in the last two decades. 

While the suffering of many people increased exponentially in 2020, economically, physically, and spiritually, it became clear that spirituality and faith in God was paramount for those who were able to continue to attend their places of worship. 

Unfortunately, and through the fault of leftist politicians, thousands of believers still find the doors of the churches closed. For many it is the only place where they find comfort in a year where they have lost their jobs, have not been able to travel to visit their families, and suffer isolation. 

However, U.S. citizens have begun to strongly reject restrictions imposed to combat the CCP Virus that violate good religious freedom practices.

“As governments closed and reopened economies, we saw conflict as houses of worship faced continued limitations while bars and casinos were allowed to reopen,”

Caleb Lyman, director of research and analysis for the Becket Fund, told The Washington Free Beacon.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito recently spoke to the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies, warning that the right to religious freedom is being undermined by certain sectors of society.

The justice warned, Breitbart reported, that religious freedoms are being affected in certain sectors and that the CCP Virus has awakened disturbing trends that were already present.

As we see the mental health well-being of our citizens declining day by day and many politicians with their wrong decisions only further that decline, it must be recognized that conservatives are right, the church and other places of worship where people connect with their faith, their spirit, and God, certainly represent a “fundamental activity.”



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