After 63 shootings in the city of Portland, Oregon, 15 people died during July, the highest number recorded in the city in 30 years, the state police department reported.

Assaults, robberies, and vandalism also increased greatly. Shootings more than doubled from 28 in July 2019. There were nine murders in the first half of the year, for a total of 24 so far this year, according to the The Oregonian, on July 30.

Notably, Portland police’s Firearms Violence Reduction unit was one of the police groups underfunded and disbanded by the City Council, supporting the demands of protesters who have ravaged the city for more than two months.

Following the death of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 25, a wave of protests emerged in many American cities, led mainly by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and infiltrated by members of the leftist antifa organization.

Portland is one of the cities that has suffered the most violence, aggravated by the refusal of Democratic authorities who not only refuse to let it be controlled by the police but have also responded to requests to deprive the police of the budget that supported them.

The increase in crime occurred after Portland City Council approved the more than $15 million decrease in the police budget.

Police Chief Chuck Lovell expressed concern about the rise in crime on July 30. He said that the funding approved by the city reduces the capacity to conduct follow-up investigations, quoted by the Daily Caller on Aug. 2. 

Although both the mass media and Democratic lawmakers label the demonstrations as “peaceful” or just a “myth,” the Justice Department chose to send federal agents to protect the buildings it is in charge of.

One of the journalists who has drawn attention to the cover-up of the violence used by anarchists in the riots is Andy Ngo.

“The rioters are setting fire to everything they can and throwing it at the federal courthouse in Portland,” Ngo said, corroborating his claim with many videos taken at the scene.

Accounts of the destruction in Portland are also confirmed by renowned columnist Victor Joecks.

“Criminals routinely throw frozen water bottles, bean cans, and rocks at federal officials. They fire high-powered lasers at the building to blind the officers. They throw commercial-grade fireworks at law enforcement,” Joecks described.

Even more worrisome than the extensive and costly property damage is the record-breaking loss of life.

Journalist Michael Tracey joins those who warn of the excessive violence, distorted by what he calls “media elites” in an attempt to blur the reality that nonwhite working minorities tend to be conservative, apparently for political purposes aimed at influencing the upcoming presidential election.