The words ‘In God We Trust’ will be displayed in every public school in Louisiana starting this fall, KNOE reported.

In May 2018, Gov. John Bel Edwards signed Louisiana Senate Bill 244 into law. The bill requires each school to display the national motto and educate students on its history when the 2019-2020 school year starts.

“I still feel strongly that America is a Christian nation. I want our high school youngsters exposed to as much as that as possible,” Shelby Ainsworth, West Monroe High School’s principal, said.

Each school can choose how they want to show the national motto, but there is a minimum requirement of at least a paper sign. At West Monroe High School, in each building, dozens of posters can be seen along the walls.

Ainsworth said he supports Edwards’s decision but is aware he might have some students or parents that would disagree.

“There are varied opinions even among high school students, their parents, the communities, the different churches that are represented, different faiths that we have,” Ainsworth said. “It’s nothing hidden, it’s nothing swept under the rug, but it’s nothing forced upon anyone.”

West Monroe students return to school on Monday, Aug.12.

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