In a speech at Yale on Wednesday, President Trump highlighted the Border Patrol work and the progress in the construction of the fence on the border with Mexico. He also focused much of his speech on attacking Joe Biden for proposing the most “radical, extreme, reckless, dangerous and deadly immigration plan ever put forward by a major party candidate.”

In the middle of the election campaign leading up to the November election, President Trump gave a 45-minute speech in front of a crowd of people in Yuma, Arizona.

There he highlighted the efforts of workers moving forward with the rapid construction of the 300-mile-long border fence, of the nearly 1,200 miles that are slated to be built.

He also highlighted the work done on immigration policies, which allowed for a significant reduction in the entry of illegal immigrants. “it’s a great feeling to have closed up the border. Now people come in, if they come in, through merit, if they come in legally—but they don’t come in like they used to. And human trafficking is—I think we’re down 96 percent or something. It’s been incredible.”

In his speech, he again stressed the function of the wall as a tool to combat drug trafficking, human trafficking, and the illegal entry of people.

As he has stated on other occasions, President Trump welcomes those immigrants who decide to enter the United States legally on merit and condition. Still, he stands firm with those who choose the path of illegality.

At the beginning of his speech, President Trump appealed to Latinos living along the U.S.–Mexico border, assuring them that no one understands the border and the wall better than they do. “They know what is good, what is bad. They don’t want bad people coming into our country, taking away their jobs, their homes, causing crime. Hispanic Americans are the people who are most in favor of what we are doing on the border,” Trump said.

He repeatedly spoke about his opponent in the upcoming election, Joe Biden. Trump warned against a Democratic agenda that he said is “radical and beyond socialism,” reopening the nation’s borders is one of its crucial points. “The Biden-Harris plan is a step-by-step recipe for abolishing America’s borders,” he continued.

“The Biden plan would unleash a flood of illegal immigration like the world has never seen,” he said. “It’s crazy.”

Speaking of his opponent Biden, he also warned that if he won the election, “China would own the United States. They’d own it. They’d own every one of these people. They’d own this building. They’d own the United States—because Biden would give them everything for two reasons: Number one, he’s not smart; and number two, he’s weak. China would own our country.”