A White House official questioned the number of government resources being wasted on the ongoing impeachment inquiry on Nov. 14.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham slammed the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry in Congress for being a farce, consuming a large amount of taxpayer funds, and failing to produce findings that voters actually care about.

“This sham hearing is not only boring, it is a colossal waste of taxpayer time and money,” Grisham said on Twitter.

The Grisham questioned the credibility of witnesses since they could not provide any “first hand knowledge of any wrongdoing” of the president.

“[The witnesses’] own testimony contradicts the Dems false quid pro quo narrative,” Grisham said on Twitter. “These are essentially two bureaucrats with a foreign policy gripe.”

She said her concerns are backed by Rep. Mike Turner (R–Ohio) who revealed the first couple of witnesses called to testify had never before spoken to Trump face to face.

“Rep. Turner rightly points out that the first two ‘star’ witnesses in this impeachment sham have never even spoken to the president of the United States,” Grisham said on Twitter. “Think about that: in a presidential impeachment hearing, the Dems’ witnesses have never even spoken with President Trump. This country deserves so much better.”

Grisham suggested instead of using national resources to try to bring down Donald Trump, House Democrats should focus on cross border relations, defense, and making medicine more affordable.

“Congress should be working on passing the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement, funding our government and military, working on reduced drug pricing, and so much more,” she said. “Donald Trump is working right now—the Democrats should follow his lead.”

She shared a photo of the president on social media and said Trump was continuing to do his job despite the inquiry.

“Behind the scenes: the president of the United States has been in meetings all day and this is his second press availability,” Grisham said on Twitter. “Happening now: members of Congress and President Trump speaking with [Turkish] President Erdogan on important issues. Meanwhile, the Dems continue their kangaroo court, wasting taxpayer time and money.”

On the first day of public hearings Democrats used the testimonials of two diplomats to claim the president had clearly abused his power during diplomatic relations with Ukraine through “bribery” and “extortion” back on July 25.

Republicans did not believe the hearings proved any of those allegations were true, and were not impressed by the witnesses’ secondhand accounts of Trump’s phone call, which is mostly what sparked the inquiry. They deny Trump ever pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and U.S. aid continued to be provided.

The president said he was too busy hosting the Turkish president at the White House to watch the impeachment hearings, and was unaware of a phone call one of the witnesses claimed to overhear Trump asking about the “investigations.”

“First I’ve heard of it,” Trump said at a news conference according to The Associated Press.

The press secretary reiterated the president’s earlier remarks on Twitter to read the transcript instead of relying on so-called witness accounts.

“Don’t rely on second, third, and fourthhand accounts,” Grisham said on Twitter. “Read the transcript for yourself: http://45.wh.gov/7MPHWr