The controversial impeachment that Democrats are running against former President Donald Trump, even against the Constitution, leads analysts to believe that it may imply other consequences for the 75 million citizens who voted for him.

“These people pretend that they are concerned about the abuse of power. They are impeaching a private citizen over speech, a citizen who is a proxy for 75 million voters. It’s not about Trump, it’s about you,” Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said by way of a warning to Trump supporters, according to alternative media outlet Media ITE on Feb. 9. 

The outraged journalist criticized that Trump was accused of inciting violence with his speech when Democrats and the media ignored the disastrous riots that ravaged many U.S. cities for months last year. 

“These are the same people, again, that ignored violence that was a physical proxy for their activist language, and now they are participating in a circus with a predetermined outcome for failure as people die from COVID [CCP Virus],” Gutfeld noted.

He likewise questioned Trump being impeached because he undermined democracy by claiming about voter fraud. However, the mainstream media fought him for four years, sustaining the existence of the false collusion with Russia. 

“So before you say that Trump undermined democracy by questioning the validity of an election, if you believe that is true, then every anchor on MSNBC, every anchor on CNN, and a few anchors here at Fox News who also undermined democracy for four freaking years with the Russian hoax, they’re guilty too!” emphasized Gutfeld. 

The accusations against Trump come on top of several actions against his supporters, drawing observers’ attention.

Among these actions is delivering information belonging to citizens who support Trump, by Bank of America to the FBI. There are doubts about the data’s legality because the users were not asked for permission or informed about it.

Host Tucker Carlson described this operation as a “hunt for political extremists.”

On the other hand, the Democrats introduced the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021 (DTPA), causing a stir among Americans.

For author Robert Wheeler: “The DTPA is essentially the criminalization of speech, expression, and thought. It takes the cancellation culture a step further and virtually outlaws unpopular opinions,” as he wrote on Jan. 27 on the website The Organic Prepper.