At a conference of police chiefs in Chicago on Monday, Oct. 28, President Donald Trump praised Dayton Police for their quick action in taking down the gunman in the Aug. 4 Oregon District mass shooting.

In a surprise, President Trump called Police Chief Richard Biehl and Assistant Police Chief Matt Carper up on the stage.

“Today, we’re grateful to be joined by Police Chief Richard Biehl and Assistant Chief Matt Carper and we commend your department’s sterling reputation and that’s a great state you’re in,” the president said.

Chief Richard Biehl replied, “Mr. President and also to Attorney General Barr, for the recognition of our police officers—six brave police officers—that acted decisively, swiftly ending a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, on August the 4th. They represent the highest of ideals and performance of our profession, and we are deeply proud of them.”

The president recalled the shooting, “It’s a surreal experience by the time they get it together. They were shooting so fast.  Twenty-nine seconds—he was dead.  And he was going in for a lot of shooting, a lot of killing. They were incredible.”

The officers who fired their weapons to stop the shooter were Sgt. William C. Knight, Vincent Carter, David Denlinger, Ryan Nabel, Brian Rolfes and Jeremy Campbell.

Six Dayton police officers fatally shot the gunman less than a minute after he opened fire, and before he entered the bar.

Last month, the president awarded the six officers who stopped the shooter with the Medal of Valor. It is the highest decoration for bravery exhibited by public safety officers in the United States.

The shooter killed nine people and injured dozens of others before those officers were able to take him down in 29 seconds.

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