In advance of President Joe Biden’s door-knocking campaign to get more unvaccinated people to be more open with the doses, Illinois last weekend has already assembled their door-knocker team. But according to the instruction manual, residents can rest assured that they will not be subjected to any coercive attempts.

According to the booklet handed to volunteers by Lake County’s Health Department and Community Health Center, the Community Health Ambassador Outreach Door Knocking Project, in turn, demands volunteers to be informative when they face a vaccine hesitator, and nothing more. 

While the volunteers are instructed that their position would be to “inform, not convince,” stated the agenda.

They are advised to respect the person’s distance privacy and leave a flyer if they become uncomfortable with the team’s presence. 

The instruction also came with a script. The volunteers are advised to employ and sport an “attitude of a golden retriever” with “memory of a goldfish” if facing a person with a harsh disposition.

The script conveys the most common questions unvaccinated citizens may ask, such as how effective the vaccines are and the potential perils of such doses. These circumstances would require the ambassador to provide the knowledge sketched out in the booklet that advises doubtful people to revise their choice of getting information.

“There are only 3 sources I would trust for vaccine information: at the Federal level, that would be CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services), State Public Health/IDPH (Illinois Department of Public Health) and your local Health Department, Lake County Health Department,” read the handbook. 

Curiously, this particular project by Lake County recommends the one-shot jab from Johnson & Johnson company over Pfizer. The J&J shot was postponed in the United States due to links with dangerous blood clots. 

Should the householder express concerns about the potential side-effects of the single-shot vaccine, they would likely be told, “Side effects are different for each person with each vaccine, but it’s important to know that side effects are a sign that your body is working to build up a defense against the virus. And side effects are not nearly as bad as a bad case of COVID.”

That response may not change people’s minds or assuage their fear that the vaccine could affect their health, considering that there have been multiple reports of severe side-effects caused by the doses and the recorded fatality rates. 

Yet, the health department’s mission was to encourage unvaccinated residents to get protected with the shots. The ambassadors have no obligation to answer anything not included in the script or beyond their knowledge. 

Likewise, those who may refuse vaccination would be reminded of the shots’ role in the face of the pandemic. 

“Getting the vaccine is the first step in getting our lives back. You can be part of the COVID solution,” read the script. 

As President Biden’s door-knocking campaign is about to launch very soon, it has not been clear if the Federal Emergency Management Agency assembly would conduct similar practices. 

However, the Biden administration has been clear that the door-to-door campaign would mostly be members of the health department to give unvaccinated people information about the dosages. 

“We have volunteers who are going door to door to give people information about the vaccines,” Vice President Kamala Harris said on Monday, July 12. “Why? Because we shouldn’t require that people knock on our door to figure out what’s going on. Let’s take it to the streets, take it to the people.”

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