Ana Kasparian, a cohost of the popular progressive online news show “The Young Turks,” admitted last week that she was “wrong” about Kyle Rittenhouse’s case and the story she has been telling her audience for over a year.

According to The Washington Post, in August 2020, When Jacob Blake, a Black 29-year-old man, was shot in the back by Rusten Sheskey, a White police officer, Kenosha erupted. The shooting went viral immediately, prompting peaceful protests during the day and bursts of property damage and destruction at night.

The shooting led to days of unrest in Kenosha. On Tuesday night, Aug. 25, 2020, two people were fatally shot and another injured. Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, has been charged in connection with the shootings.

Most people believe Kyle Rittenhouse “chased” Rosenbaum before shooting and killing him. But, in fact, Rosenbaum was the aggressor. That night, Rosenbaum was the one who chased after Rittenhouse, throwing objects at him and then lunging at him. Additionally, just seconds before Rittenhouse fatally shot Rosenbaum; a gun was fired by a third party.

“Initially I was under the assumption that Rittenhouse was the person who was chasing after Joseph Rosenbaum—that’s how it had started,” Kasparian said on her news show.

“I was wrong about that, okay, so I want to correct the record,” Kasparian added, “Look, these details matter, because if you’re going to make an argument that you acted in self-defense, there needs to be some proof that there was an imminent threat.”

“Now, what really mattered to me was how all of this unfolded,” she explained. “What was the thing that sparked it, what started all of it. And, initially, I was under the assumption that Rittenhouse was the person who was chasing after Joseph Rosenbaum—that’s how it started. But I was wrong about that.”

“I was in fact wrong about that, and to show you the evidence to reinforce that I was wrong about that, I want to go to this video.”

Kasparian then showed a video of an aggressive Rosenbaum yelling “shoot me,” before chasing after Rittenhouse. In his exclamations, Rosenbaum also uttered the N-word several times, which the video muted.

Rosenbaum is seen chasing Rittenhouse down a street and throwing a bag at him, which the video claimed contained things from his mental health treatment stay.

Before Rosenbaum caught up to Rittenhouse and lunged at him, a third person fired a shot into the air, then Rittenhouse fired at Rosenbaum.

“So, those details matter, right? Who was chasing who matters, the gunshots by some other unidentified person, that matters, especially if you’re Rittenhouse and you’re running away, and then you hear shots and then Rosenbaum lunges toward him,” Kasparian summed up after showing the timeline clip.

Per The Blaze, Rittenhouse is on trial for the deadly shootings of Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, as well as the wounding of Gaige Grosskreutz. Rittenhouse claimed self-defense in his plea of not guilty.

Kenosha Police detective Martin Howard then reviewed never-before-seen FBI infrared aerial surveillance footage for the court.

The video shows Rittenhouse being pursued by Rosenbaum and the then-17-year-old Rittenhouse yelling “friendly” repeatedly.

However, those yells did not “dissuade Mr. Rosenbaum, correct?” Mark Richards, a Rittenhouse attorney, asked Howard.

The official answered, “Correct.”

As The BL previously reported, on Aug. 31, 2020, President Donald Trump said a northern Illinois teen accused of shooting anti-police demonstrators might have acted in self-defense.

The Oval Office believes Antioch, Illinois, resident Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, may have opened fire on at least four extreme anarchist protesters because he feared for his life late at night on Aug. 25.

The president revealed graphic footage of the alleged incident that strongly suggests Rittenhouse only opened fire after falling to the ground and being attacked by protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“You saw the same tape as I saw and he was trying to get away from them,” he said in a statement. “I guess it looks like he fell and then they very violently attacked him.”

The president does not believe the teen would have pulled the trigger unless he truly believed his life was in danger.

“I guess he was in very big trouble,” he said. “He would have been … he probably would have been killed.”

Kenosha County prosecutors have already charged Rittenhouse with killing two people and injuring another, according to the criminal complaint obtained by the Guardian. Charges include the “first-degree reckless homicide” of activist Joseph Rosenbaum and “first-degree intentional homicide” of Anthony Huber.

The accused’s family categorically rejected the charges as politically motivated and maintained he was defending himself from a “brutal attack by multiple members of the far-leftist group antifa.”

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