An author and public orator who for eight years wanted to live as a woman, regretted the sex change and returned to the gender he was born to. Now he shares his experience and warns of the tragic consequences of changing the sex of children.

Walt Heyer said the implementation of radical hormonal and surgical interventions for children with gender dysfunction is also child abuse, according to the video released by The Heritage Foundation April 4.

Heyer lived as Laura Jensen—his transgender experience, and underwent sex reassignment surgery in April 1983; now, at 74, he is still struggling to recover from it.

However, he can assure that the whole process is harmful to the children, that he himself was affected and without intending to hurt anyone wants to share the painful facts of his real life.

He established the website, through which he receives letters from parents and transgender people seeking help saying, “Walt, can you help me in the destransition [back to the original sex]? This was the biggest mistake of my life!”

Also, Heyer said it’s wrong to do what his grandmother did, who put him on a purple dress and told him he looked cute, when he was only 4 years old. Additionally, an uncle took advantage of the situation and sexually abused him.

That kind of behavior indicates to the child that something is wrong with him and opens up options for depression and anxiety about one’s own identity.

If gender change treatment is initiated, hormone blockers are injected and the child’s body is altered, which is “destructive to the child’s psychology,” and one should not be surprised that anxiety, bipolarity, and dissociative disorders, schizophrenia, and many other irregularities that require psychotherapy appear.

For Heyer the so-called gender dysphoria “is really child abuse,” presented to children by adults and that a person “is not born with it,” according to his words in the video.

He believes that wanting to change sex is used as an excuse to hide an abuse.

“It’s a way to escape, and this is where dissociation comes into play. You don’t want to be who you are, so you try to be someone else, and you don’t want to be who you are because you’ve been hurt, something happened to you,” he said.

Heyer said that at the age of 41 he visited a gender therapist in search of help. Being married with two children and a successful professional, he still felt mental anguish and was unable to talk about his past.

The therapist treated him in only two sessions and then formulated hormones and wanted him to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

Heyer denies that children are given in-depth psychological counseling, doctors only approve, affirm, apply hormones and surgeries like an assembly line.

He has been criticized by trans activists who admit that he may have been misdiagnosed, but that this is not the case for all transsexuals.

However, Hayer is not alone in warning of the dangers of leading children through the maze of sex change, which is a complex and delicate process.

Dr. Kirsty Entwistle, who worked at the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) in England, said that “early traumatic experiences”—including sexual abuse—could cause gender dysphoria in children.

He also added that doctors refuse to investigate these cases thoroughly for fear of being labeled “transfobic,” according to the Daily Mail.

Journalist Candace Owens, who describes herself as opposed to the transgender lobby, also interviewed Heyer.

“The MOST IMPORTANT interview I’ve ever done is out now! Former transgender woman Walt Heyer completely obliterates the “trans” narrative and reveals the truth; children switching genders signifies child abuse from the adults that watch them. Watch here,” Owens tweeted.

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