Mayor Brian Snedecor of Hobart, Indiana, announced that he has left the Democratic Party to join the Republicans. He argued that it was his Christian faith that made him make that decision.

As reported by The Times of Northwest Indiana, on Aug. 15, Brian Snedecor, along with family members, elected officials, and some 200 supporters at Hobart’s Park Festival, gave a speech in which he excitedly told those present that he had made the decision to join the Republican Party.

The Hobart mayor assured his supporters that he would not change his leadership style because he had changed his political flag, “Although my party has changed, my concern, care, and love for the citizens of Hobart has not,” Snedecor said.

The mayor showed his discontent with the Democrats and justified his departure from the party by the leftist tendency the movement is acquiring. “The efforts of the progressive left have driven many people—moderates and conservatives—away from the Democratic Party,” he said. 

Snedecor said that when he first ran for the mayor’s office 13 years ago, the views and platforms of the national Democratic Party were modern and conservative, and they helped him make America a better country.

He also said he has become increasingly concerned in recent months as the national Democratic platform moves to an increasingly radicalized left.

One recent case that proves Snedecor right is the Democratic Party’s support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and the defunding of police forces. 

The BLM, which is led by self-styled Marxists, has called for the redistribution of wealth while calling for the abolition of the police department. The protests, which many Democrats described as “peaceful,” have seen the destruction of many U.S. city centers, looting that has meant millions in losses to merchants and the destruction of historic monuments that are part of the national heritage.

While cities like Chicago, New York, Seattle, and Portland suffer from historic crime and homicide rates, Black Lives Matter President Hank Newsome said the violent riots were justified, Neon Nettle reported

In June, Newsome threatened to “burn down this system” unless the government met the group’s radical demands. He issued the ultimatum in a live interview on Fox News’s “The Story.”