President Donald Trump, signed a plaque indicating the delivery of 450 miles of border wall with Mexico. This construction is part of his campaign promises, and after overcoming multiple obstacles he has advanced to this point.

President Trump traveled to Alamo, Texas, where he gave a speech and he referred to the benefits obtained from the wall, emphasizing that he did deliver, unlike those who only promised but did not. 

“But unlike those who came before me, I kept my promises. Today, we celebrate an extraordinary milestone: the completion of the promised 450 miles of border wall,” said President Trump.

Upon his arrival he was applauded by the crowd waiting for him at the airport.

The construction of the wall accelerated during 2020, since up to January 2020 100 miles had been completed, and in addition to those delivered, there are currently another 480 miles of wall in the process of construction, according to Fox News of Jan. 12. 

Although there were some old sections, they did not meet the required specifications, so they were replaced.

This new 30-foot high steel presentation includes anti-climbing technology, cameras, lighting, and roads.

Trump said he has “achieved the most secure southern border in U.S. history.”

As a result, “We took on the cartels, the coyotes, and the special interests, and we restored the rule of law,” he explained.

Benefits of the new wall

The balance of achievements through border control are important, among them “the seizure of over 2 million pounds of fentanyl, heroin, meth, and other deadly narcotics, saving thousands and thousands of lives,” the president said according to the White House report.  

There were also arrest of “nearly 500,000 illegal aliens with criminal records—some with very serious criminal records of the type you don’t want to know about, like murder,” President Trump added.

He also said, “We removed nearly 20,000 gang members from the United States, including 4,500 members of MS-13—probably the worst gang of them all.”

In short, the partial construction of the wall and President Trump’s reforms enabled him to ensure that “we have ended the immigration chaos and re-established American sovereignty.”

While President Trump emphasized at this point in his administration that there will be a peaceful and orderly transition to the next presidential term, after a chaotic and fraudulent electoral process, he also continues to address the other aspects of his administration.

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