An 18-year-old Ohio man is being charged with four counts of felonious assault after a videotape of him shooting at cars and shouting charged remarks at people was caught. 

The incident began after an incident involving a stolen vehicle broke out. However, Devonta Alan, who was not involved with the stolen vehicle, but turned up at the scene afterward and started shooting.

While pointing his gun to passing cars, he yelled, “I don’t like white people in my hood!” at passersby and fired shots, WKRC-TV reported.

Three of Allen’s alleged victims are white, and one is black. Fortunately, no one involved was hurt.

Authorities charged Allen with four counts of felonious assault, according to WKRC, but only after Allen turned himself in four days after the incident.

Allen stated that he acted only after the victims shot at him, but police said his statements “are inconsistent with the videotape evidence and statements from the victims and witnesses.”

It was informed by neighbors that Allen was not a resident.  

“I’d never seen him before and I don’t know who he was friends with,” an anonymous resident told WXIX.

Authorities have not released the video of the incident because they say it is part of the investigation.

Allen is being held at the Hamilton County jail, Ohio, on a $480,000 bond.

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