A special report states that the FBI is raiding homes of supporters of former President Donald Trump, with no known motives, because they did not participate in the Jan. 6 rally, which could have been a cause. 

“BREAKING: FBI raiding homes of Trump supporters who were not inside Capitol, inclg DEA agent who had gun & credentials confiscated,” wrote investigative journalist Paul Sperry of the New York Post in a Feb. 6 tweet. 

He added, “But most case files read: “Interviewed, participated in 1st A activities, closed.” Same scrutiny not applied to Antifa/BLM agitators who were there,” referring to the riots that occurred on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6.

These FBI proceedings could be motivated by the controversial prosecution against alleged “domestic terrorists who must be eliminated by force,” apparently applied to followers of former President Donald Trump.

It has involved many public and private institutions including the Pentagon, and “the business establishment, from Wall Street and the tech monopolies, from the massive multinational corporations that increasingly control the contours of American life,” described renowned host Tucker Carlson.

Trump supporter Noel Fritsch wrote on Twitter that the FBI came to his house and caused commotion there. 

“The FBI dropped by the house to intimidate my pregnant (38 weeks) wife yesterday. They told her they’d be back repeatedly until they speak with me. Merrick: Here’s my statement. Thanks to @CassandraRules & @gatewaypundit,” she reported in a series of tweets. 

“I have a few questions for the @FBI: Since ZERO EVIDENCE exists that I attended the Jan 6 Rally or the post-rally tresspass, how did you come to believe it was necessary to visit my home? An anonymous tipster? Did the Anon. give you any evidence? Who is the Anon.?” questioned Fritsch. 

“If there was not an Anon. tip, was the tipster in any way political? Did they offer you any rationale for harassing my family at my house? If there is no evidence I was there, how was the visit anything but pure intimidation, with an eye toward MALICIOUS PROSECUTION?”

These interventions by the FBI without obvious justification generated criticism from many, who expressed their comments via Twitter. 

“Disband the FBI, they are an arm of the Democratic Party, Antifa and BLM!” wrote user @KarterRod.

For user @MoMoBagholder the situation in the country was was becoming ridiculous given the way justice was being handled.

“Justice is completely politicized now, they are turning this country into a clown show,” he wrote. 

“Yes, that’s because BLM homes are not raided at all and even if they were they would be quickly bailed out for free by their Democrat supporters from violence. Fake news in Sperry,” commented user @CapNAhab11.

These actions coincide with the release of Trump supporter information from Bank of America that questions the legality because users were not asked for permission or informed about it.

According to another of his investigations, Sperry denounced in 2017, that Obama created an “organizational superstructure” to obstruct and bring down Trump’s presidency, as presented in an interview held with Lou Dobbs, on Fox News, involving Democrats.

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