Hundreds of young people are expected to gather in Las Vegas tonight for a kickoff party for Students For Trump, a youth movement chaired by Turning Point USA’s firebrand activist Charlie Kirk.

On Aug. 20, Charlie Kirk tweeted, “You don’t want to miss this,” to call for Trump supporters for the kickoff party at the Moon Nightclub, at the Palms Resort, Las Vegas. The aim is to register 1 million students to vote for Donald Trump in 2020.

The participants of the event are aged 21 and older, mainly organizers who bring the mission of drawing up plans for volunteers across college campuses, chiefly in battleground states, who will then run voter drives and attract signups from like-minded students, according to Fast Company.

Students For Trump, known as S4T is active on social media, making use of new-gen memes on Twitter, and posting photos of beautiful young people on Instagram, decked in MAGA and MLCA (Make Liberals Cry Again) gear.

In July’s press release, Kirk called socialist and Marxist policies insane and pointed out that many Americans had risked and lost their lives to defeat it. “Millennials and Generation Z want to run their own lives and make their own money,” Kirk said.

Despite that most of the youth nowadays are brainwashed by socialism and ignorant of what’s happening to the country, Kirk and company said they are still optimistic about the youth vote they can turn out for 2020. He added that they see President Trump as an inspiration with a fighting spirit, which is completely contrasting to polished candidates of the past. 

Starting from tonight, the push for the million wide-eyed new Trump voters will launch.

“I think 2020 is going to challenge the conventional thinking about the youth vote,” the Turning Point Action spokesman—a “social welfare group” that is legally allowed to participate in politics without having to disclose donor information, Kirk said.

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