The political environment in the state of New Jersey, United States, was shocked because the Republican truck driver, Edward Durr, defeated Senate President Steve Sweeney in the elections, campaigning in defense of the family. 

Durr told his constituents he was a staunch defender of rights and family because, “When somebody’s messing with your family, you’ll do anything,” Breitbart quoted him as saying on Nov. 3. 

However, he also recalls challenging Sweeney to a debate: “blew me off, he laughed at me,” Durr recounted. 

While the results after the canvass give Durr the edge over Sweeney, garnering 2,228 votes, his victory has yet to be officially confirmed.

Durr also noted, “The governor was messing with people’s families. When you mess with somebody’s job, their livelihood, their home, their children—people just won’t take that.”

And he was more drastic when he said, “It was the combination of a governor who acts like a king, and a senate president who acts like a court jester, and does nothing. That made it very easy to convince people they were not being paid attention to. And when they got ignored, they got angry.”

Local media outlet Lakewood Scoop tweeted the news of Durr’s win and attached the clip of him addressing his constituents during the campaign. 

The campaign took a lot of personal sacrifice for Durr as he walked to the homes of his constituents to hear their needs and concerns firsthand.

On weekends, he struggled to overcome the aches and pains caused by his illnesses: “Trust me, plenty days I did not feel like walking. It was too hot, my ankles and my feet hurt — I’m not a young man anymore, and I have gout, and plantar fasciitis—it was a hard thing,” he said, according to Breitbart. 

As many as 12 staffers also accompanied him to hand out advertising flyers, and he denies media reports that his campaign budget was only $153. 

In any case, the $9,000 he claims to have invested does not seem a large amount to defeat the ‘boss’ of New Jersey politics, also considering that he has no website, only a Facebook account.  His victory may only be confirmed on November 18.

Durr’s win was a major blow to Sweeney, who was already seeking a seventh term and will not only lose it but possibly see his 2025 gubernatorial bid disappear.

Another political defeat suffered by Democrats was recorded two days ago when Republican Glenn Youngkin defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the high-profile Virginia gubernatorial election by flipping control of a state that President Joe Biden won comprehensively just a year ago.

Youngkin, himself a political newcomer, campaigned on a promise to unite GOP voters and pushed a message focused on the economy and education.

The results are a warning to Democrats about their prospects in next year’s midterm elections, in which Republicans are aiming for a majority in the Senate and House of Representatives.

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