Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Lee signed a bill into law that will require burial or cremation of the remains of surgically aborted babies in abortion clinics and hospitals. The Bill ensures that aborted babies are treated humanely, rather than ending up as part of perverse experiments in laboratories, in illegal commerce, or thrown away as mere fetal tissue.

The bill identified as HB1181 states, “The final disposition of fetal remains from a surgical abortion at an abortion facility be by cremation or burial. This bill provides that a pregnant woman who undergoes a surgical abortion has the right to determine the following with respect to fetal remains:

(1) Whether final disposition is by cremation or burial; and

(2) The place for final disposition.”

The bill further provides that the abortion facility shall cover the expenses and arrange for both cremation and burial services. However, in cases where the woman wishes to have the fetal remains disposed of elsewhere than at the abortion center, she will be responsible for the costs. 

The legislation is a product of the unfortunate situation caused by the existence of an overwhelming abortion industry. Still, at least those innocent children who lost the opportunity to live will now have a more dignified final destination than the one they have in most abortion centers in the country.

Republican State Representative Tim Rudd told the Murfreesboro Voice, “Tennessee is overwhelmingly a right-to-life state. While it’s disheartening that we have to propose legislation to ensure a preborn child’s body will be treated with the same respect as any other human being, I’m grateful for the support.”

“It is a tragedy in Tennessee that we regulate how veterinarians properly dispose of the remains of animals, but there are no regulations regarding human babies,” said state Sen. Janice Bowling (R). “These are the remains of human beings and should be treated as such. This new law corrects that oversight and ensures that the remains of unborn children are treated with dignity.”

While the legislation will take effect on July 1, pro-abortion organizations are likely to begin a legal battle to prevent its implementation. Planned Parenthood is already crusading to discredit the legislation.

A similar case was seen in 2019 when the state of Indiana passed such legislation. Planned Parenthood quickly filed a lawsuit challenging the law. The state attorney general asked the Supreme Court to hear the case after the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the fetal remains measure was unconstitutional.

But the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the legislation, and it is in force to this day.

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